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  1. Over a year ago, I had terrible acne, now it's all under control, with probably 1 or 2 zits here and there, but I was left with a few scars, the worst on my chest. All my face needs pretty much is a laser, and it will be smooth, as most scars are barely noticeable. However on my chest, I have a few bad scars, including this deep scar that I got from an infected cyst. The scar is 1.2cm wide and tall, and it's circular, and it's pretty deep. I haven't talked to a dermatologist about my chest sca
  2. Recently my acne disappeared, however I have a bunch of tiny white bumps on my back and chest, they don't hurt, and they seem to be filled with pus, but they are very very small. I was wondering if anyone knew what these are. They don't seem to ever surface, and just stay under the skin.
  3. The flash makes them seem worse than they are. But yeah, not pretty.
  4. I used to have acne, but it's gone now, however I was left with scars. However, near the scarring, there are some small tiny bumps that seem to be filled with puss, but I'm not sure what they are. I'm going to go to my doctor when the week starts, but I was wondering if you people knew what it was and how it could be fixed. The bumps do not bother, or hurt at all, they are just very annoying to have, specially with Summer coming up. If you see closely beside the scars, you'll see them. They
  5. I was on accutane about 2 months ago for almost a year. Now I'm basically 100% clear, but I have some nasty scars on my front and back. The front ones are less in number, but more noticeable. I am aware that it's mostly red marks, but my main concern are the red marks. Thank god my face didn't get these scars. I used flash in the picture so you could see the depth of the scars. http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/4687/01vi9.jpg http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/8274/02ww0.jpg
  6. What is a MSM cream? And which Vitamin C cream would you recommend? I basically don't know much about creams.
  7. I'm currently on Accutane, and have been for about 3 months. My face is all cleared up, except that 2 days ago I got 2 new pimples (first two for a couple of weeks). My back is 80% smooth, and my chest is 90% smooth. I was wondering if there was a way to make the red marks on my body fade faster, but since I'm on Accutane, I can't do any peelings. Any creams or home remedies that work well? And would they work on my chest and back as well?
  8. I know this sounds odd, but today I went to my family doctor and he gave me a few Cortisone shots, to 1 big cyst, and the remaining active pimples I had. Getting stabbed in the face 5-7 times hurts a lot. Anyways. He missed 1 cyst, that over the afternoon grew. It's a good thing that it got big quick as it will go away faster right? And do you think that I could just go to my doctor to get a shot, because I feel like I'd be bothering him because my next appointment is in 2 weeks.
  9. Day 35: The big pimple I've had on my nose, is getting smaller, but it still pusses out sometimes, which is yucky. Haven't had any big breakouts ever sinse the one I got from taking accutane. My cheeks are almost free from acne . I have a few little pimples, but they will go away soon. I also have 1 cyst left! (I had 4-5 before) and it's just like the others, getting smaller day by day, instead of coming up all the way to the surface. I can still feel 2 ex-cysts but they are very tiny, and almos
  10. Actuall that wasn't a personal attack. You calling him a *edit*, and telling him that he lies is.
  11. Ever thought of talking to him about it, and why you hid it from him? That's what I would do. But I'm usually very open, so my relatives, girlfriend, and even friends know about it. Make up is also a no no for acne. Just let your skin breath, with short sessions of sunlight. That's how my body acne is going away. That plus accutane.
  12. Day 21: Went to the doctor today. He gave me an other month of accutane, so currently I have enough accutane for 7 more weeks. Not bad. He said I'll be on accutane for around 4 months, so about 10 weeks left. My lips are getting dry, but my chapstick keeps my lips moist throughout the day and night. The doctor also was glad to see my face was getting dry, and it's pretty obvious, because that's whats supposed to be happening. I took an other sea salt bath today, but I put the water a little too
  13. Who knows, they could probably already be grown up, but just idiots. :rolleyes: Now let's just wait until Sgt.Pepper comes back, and posts some pictures :dance: