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  1. 2 SCAR ISSUES HELP ME 1. ok well next to my mouth i had a small pigmented scar..and i used a personal home use glycolic acid peel 50% ..nd left it on (rubbed it a little-BAD MISTAKE)... i used baking soda as the neutrilizer..den alll i remember is my skin being burned off.. it started to bleed..i washed it all off.. nd took about 4-7 days 2 heal.. after it healed.. it is left DARK..Pigmented.... texture seems a LITTLE different but could be said as the same type of texture as my skin.. its b
  2. its been dere for at least 2-3 months though
  3. hey i have these scars.. dont seem 2 be REALLY deep .... but neone know how 2 get rid of these before skool starts in september???????? i would really like dat.. i made a mistake of ... shavin 2 hard around my cheek area.. when i had sm acne around it.. den i messed with a pimpin on top of my forhead.. nd ti landed me dat ugli black mark...