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  1. Thanks! Well I got a question, does it seem like you facial cleansers are helping? If so stick with what your doing but what I found was the problem for me was my face was being irritated and being clogged by constantly washing my face! and getting rid of the "Healthy" oils our skin produces. If you have severe acne then I could see someone having to use cleansers but in my situation I didnt have to. Maybe try it out and see how it goes? Keep it in mind I live somewhere that its pretty cold dur
  2. Ok be warned this is going to be long and i am going to give my general story, so if you are not interested in reading alot dont.... But the "Caveman" regime has worked for me way better than anything else! Ok guys so about a month or so I was EXTREMELY stressed about my acne, it would honestly be on my mind 24/7 just worrying about what people think about me at school, I had recently got a girlfriend too so the stress levels were through the roof!!! So I started doing research and noticed t
  3. I am going to give you my opinion but might not be the greatest, are you using any type of acne treatment/wash with Salicylic acid? that could be the possible problem? Are you using a moisturizer? It is best to use this after the shower where the pores can absorb it. And finally maybe it is your diet? These could possibly be or not be the problem. i am not a pro, just trying to give my advice on what the problem could be.
  4. Okay so this is my first time asking people for advice on my acne a answer would be highly appreciated. Okay so about a month ago i seriously noticed some acne on the cheeks but its just redness under not really pimples popping out. I used to instantly pop a pimple once i noticed one but then learned that, that is one of the worst things to do. So i stopped, i changed my diet insanely too, i used to go through a whole bag of dorito chips and still be ready for more. But now i only ever eat whole