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  1. that risk is VERY low. go get some injections.
  2. i'm on duac during the day and RAM at night. I go to the beach alot, but i don't usually put on my Duac underneath of my sunscreen...maybe i should? what do you guys do? let's hear some thoughts. (i'd rather that this doesn't turn into a "you should be wearing spf everyday anyway" type of thing. thanks.)
  3. yep - purpose, cetaphil, and aveeno should be readily available in any drug store (i.e.: CVS, eckerd, Rite-Aid, Target, Walmart, etc.)
  4. I would assume that it is 2 months from the time you break the seal. i'm pretty sure klvoe is right. when i go pick it up from the pharmacy, they always take it out of the fridge right in front of me and give it to me, but the expiration date (assuming it stays refrigerated) is stamped on the crimp.
  5. it doesnt have to be inflamed to get injected. i've had plenty of non-inflamed cysts injected. go for the cortizone shot.
  6. that's actually what most good doctor's will recommend. my derm has had me "ramp up" on each different topical i've ever used. I've been on RAM for about 5 months and i'm done "ramping up" and i only use it every other day still. you may never need to use it everyday. but if jeff wants to stop altogether... using RAM for one week isn't going to change your skin too much. your dry skin will probably get resolved in a couple of days...but i agree with brandy. get your dry skin resolved in
  7. BP only lessens the effectiveness of retinoids if you apply them at the same time. i use RAM at night and Duac (which is BP + clindamycin) in the morning and it works wonders. if you use BP in the mornings and stick with the RAM at night, you should be fine, and hopefully get some good results.
  8. i agree with jordan. i also wanted to mention that i was on retin-a micro for about 3 months (12 weeks) before i started to see a difference...but when it did kick in, it cleared me up pretty good. (i use duac in the mornings, which is kinda similar to your benzaclin.) stick with it for a little while longer. good luck!
  9. your derm said that your acne is caused by bacteria and he's taking you off of oral antibiotics?..unless he's going to give you a different oral antibiotic because the tetracycline isn't very effective for you. (i also think it's strange that he had you on oral and topical antibiotics, too.) anyway, as far as topicals, they're kind of an open-ended kinda of thing. i've been using different topicals for like 8-9 years now. I'm pretty clear now, but if i stop the topicals, i'm sure some raging
  10. i had it done like 8 or 9 years ago. the scar has faded, but it's still a much more noticeable scar than any scar you can get from acne. (if it matters, the surface of the skin has a slight depression where my scar is.) think about it - they cut through your skin...the incision is large enough to pull this cyst through...then you get all stitched up. unless you plan on having this done by a plastic surgeon, i would not advise having it cut out. i have some acne scars on my face - a few are
  11. i've had one surgically removed from my back, not my face. it was simple. a quick shot to numb it up, they cut you open, take the cyst out, stitch you up, and send you home. however, i DO have a scar. I don't really care since it's on my back, but if it was on my face, i wouldn't do it. incidentally, i have a cyst on my forehead that i've had inject 5-6 times over the course of the last year. it keeps flattening out and coming back. i asked my derm and he said that unless i want it cut ou
  12. usually the redness will go away after your skin gets used to the differin, but to quickly answer your question about spot treating... retinoids (including differin) are not effective as spot treatments. they don't really work like that.
  13. kenny, what are you using in the mornings? while RAM will make some direct improvements to your complexion, it will also indirectly help some other medications be more effective. for example, i use RAM 0.04% every other night, but i use Duac in the mornings. my skin is thinner from the RAM, which helps the Duac become more effective. and, FYI, RAM also comes in a 0.1% strength (which is stronger than the 0.04% you're currently using.)