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  1. Bump after I saw I've been getting PM'd about my regimen through emails. It is nostalgic because I used to come on this site hourly back in 2006. Now it is 2013 and this is the first time I've been here in years lol. Anyways, the obvious questions and answers: 1. Is the regimen working? Yes. My skin is flawless although I do get some bumps from bodybuilding every now and then, the bumps go away with no scarring. 2. How am I doing? I am alive and beating cancer daily. 3. What are
  2. What is so funny? Justin Bieber is awesome! Never say Neverrrrrr!!!!!
  3. First post in the main forums of the year and this one is going to go straight to platinum - I guarantee it. The supplement is Dandelion - in extract form. No this is not a joke. You can google "dandelion benefits" and find that it mostly has to do with bodybuilding effects but have no fear, this is a supplement that can easily improve your skin in a week. Here is one link that can get your mouth watering: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/dande.html Basically to sum it up because all the
  4. Then slap a Warning Sign on me then because I'm toxic to the max baby!
  5. I've done keto before and had it to where my chest had veins and my arms looked like GPS road maps. My skin was like a toilet bowl - porcelain white. When I bulk, my skin gets a little oily because I be bulkin dirty, I'd be bulkin' dirtyYYYY! LOL but yeah, I had pizza last week along with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Party in my mouth, chaos on my skin LOL!
  6. The technology is there, you just need to show them the money like Jerry McGuire. As long as the skin isn't burned, the scar can be fixed. Just look at all the people that get breast implants, boxers, actors and actresses, etc.
  7. This is the 2 month progress since 10-17-10. A lot of red marks have gone away. The 3 main spots have improved. The top of the 3 spots has changed to a light brown/gray vs. the red color it was. The middle spot is actually smoother than it was. It is hard to tell with the picture. The bottom of the 3 spots is about the same but slightly smaller.
  8. Sorry been busy and its been freezing here. During Thanksgiving break for about 2 weeks I didn't even bother with these patches. I recently started. Some issues: 1) They stick great right out of the box. But when you take it off to clean, the stickiness goes away. 2) Because of the location they come off during the night or at work. 3) It is in a bad location lol. If it was on a flatter part of my body it would be better. But I got a lot of muscle on my shoulder and it wrinkles the patch
  9. Ah! Yes another gym goer who's progress mysteriously slows down after 2-3 years. Did you expect the fun to last forever? No sir! Those gains you originally had will never be repeated again. Enjoy your days now of lifting and maintaining your gains. Soon you will grow old and no matter how much you lift or eat, your muscle will slowly disintegrate away no matter what. Instead, you will be going to the gym out of desperation... desperation to remember what it was once like to be able to keep
  10. Take them as much as you can. You can build some serious muscle as well.
  11. The largest organ in your body is your epidermis. The epidermis stays healthy through many things including water. When you are burned, you drink water to keep skin hydrated. Oil in skin gets dilluted with water. When you sweat, water keeps skin clear. Even when I had acne at its worse, if I drank nothing but water for days and days until I pee'd fluid that was nearly drinkable and clear, my skin improved a lot. After awhile though, I like to drink orange juice so my pee would become yello
  12. Same here brotha! I believe BP is superior to any other acne cream out there. The more potent, the better. The BP eats right to the core of a pimple and in a matter of days there is nothing left but skin particles. I also recommend people use AHA as an exfoliator. After a year or so of continuous use, all your acne spots will be history.
  13. Go see a psychiatrist. When you see the bill they give you, you will be thinking more about the money you wasted than your skin lol. :)
  14. Wow thats complete BS right there. Tap water isnt that bad as people say it is. Besides it depends per place you live and you cant say it like that. Second distiled in combination with low salt intake (like paleo) will make your blood cells blow up. Because distiled water depletes salt from your body. In that way your salt levels can get extremely and dangerously low. Agree. I drink tap water all the time. Most pro bodybuilders do too. When they mix their supplements up, they just turn the