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  1. Hi guys i just want to say that my acne is getting better and better through days... 3 days ago i checked the expired date of my bottle of Clindoxyl gel, (benzoyl peroxide, clindamicyn), and surprise, It was expired. I bought a new clindoxyl gel and in my surprise my acne improved a LOT. Im using effaclar K too, I dont know if this is helping. I got a question please help me, How much times should i wash my face everyday, i try to apply 2 times benzoyl peroxide and 1 t
  2. i got Effaclar K, effaclar DUO and Effaclar DUO +, wich one would you recommend to use?, I tried to use effaclar duo 2 times but i got an extrange reaction from that cream, it turns me some clogged pores to inflammed pimples.... i dont know if this is normal
  3. Hi guys, i really need help with my acne , since last summer I started to use Clyndoxil gel (5% benzoyl peroxide, 1% clyndamicin), and it helped me wonders it cleared my skin for almost 7 months, but recently my skin started to get worse and worse, i dont know whats going on, i need to control this, im getting red marks and i dont pop the pimples. I always had oily skin I wash muy face with a gentle cleanser (Effaclar purifyng foaming gel) Look at The photos
  4. have you tried sulfur soap?, try to dont pop the pimples, your acne its moderate for me. Are you sure that you are alergic to benzoyl peroxide? what % did you use?
  5. Hi guys i got 2 questions: 1 why my derm prescribed me Benzoyl peroxide and minocycline, if they both do the same they both kill bacteria or do they complement each other 2.What can i use to fade the hyperpigmentation and redmarks, any over the counter treatment that doesnt irritate too much
  6. Thanks for your answer, im not sure if benzoyl peroxide works in closed comedones too i think i will use it every sparingly to help the killing of bacteria,(once every 2 days ), Do you think my type o redmarks fade on its own or i need to do any laser tratments, i dont like the IB of tetrinoin, i had a kind of IB with minocilclin and this 2 creams that im using since 10 days but my acne always tend to be comedonal, I tried in the past 4% hydroquinone with 10% glicolic acid, i applied it ONCE
  7. hi i am 17 years old , I always had problems with mild acne on my forehead , but this year turned more serious and affects me a lot of the cheeks My biggest problem are the acne red marks and hyperpigmentation, i dont have any pitted scar I really need you guys to guide me because idk if I'm really doing well my routine My diet is healthy , do not drink coke and those things. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed minocycline 100mg a day, Effaclar K, Effaclar DUO (Both european