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  1. zinc also helps your immune system!
  2. almay is a very good brand. im not surprised this product worked well
  3. this is a new one...why should it help scars.
  4. im a woman and i take showers....does that make me male?? hehe
  5. squeeze gently. it will prob settle to normal once you clear up and stop squeezing
  6. he's prob going to be too exited kissing u to worry. if he notices it, just laugh it off
  7. you need to register to access that forum! :( registration is free though
  8. i do not order online. I get them from my local pharmacy! Im not too sure if they have samples, but the product is very good, way better then any I have ever tried. So might as well go and get one. Its hard to find concelor samples because they are a bit hard to pack.
  9. how about some translucent powder to make your face look matt. Its basically like talc thats skin coloured. it does not show up but will make your face look dry
  10. This place has loads of free samples of skincare products and makeup. Most are acne related, although you have to go through them to find whats useful for you. Goodluck! Free samples of Skincare and Makeup Products (acne)