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  1. If they are hard and painful they are nodule/cysts. They could be reoccurring, but it possibly may be a breakout spot for you. When they come to a head, use Benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil for spot treating. Make sure you moisturize with a moisturizer. It's important to keep the area nourished.

    However when they are under the skin there's not much oyu can do but get a cortisone shot at a dermatologist, which gets rid of them very quickly (like 2-3 days).

    No its not hard or painful. Heck If I let warm water run on them While I am in the shower It will get alot smaller. I can't use Benzoyl peroxide or any oil in my skin. The Benzoyl peroxide leaves dark spots on my skin (I am a lite brownskin person) So I get very dark spots. Also any oil seems to make me break out. That why I ask about medican to reduce oil. I have found that I drink ALOT more water now and the acne is not that bad, but I again get a few bumps.

    Again thanks for the help.

  2. Hello I am a 26 year old male. About 2-3 years ago I have been getting some bad acne spots. Nothing too bad. I never had bad acne when I was a teen. But After look around the froum and a few site.. I have some questions. Maybe someone can answer them. I found that my face seem to get alot of oil on it. I found that the rest of my body does not have that much oil on it. Like on my arms..etc There seem to be dry. I read that too much oil on the skin can cause acen. I wanted to know if that is normal that only my face has too much oil. Also the type of acne is not the normal type. It starts off more like a bump under skin. If I leave it alone it may get a "White Head" But most of the time its a bump. I read that a medican can be taken to reduce oil, but Its from Vitamin A. So you think that Vitamin A would be better them medican. Maybe eat more foods with Vitamin A? One last thing. and this is the odd thing about my acne. I found that a few bumps seem to come back at the very same place and its seem to happen every 2-3 weeks. Is that normal? Again it seems that the bump goes away and then comes back. The bumps happen around my frown line. (The line around your face when you smile) I get a big one around the outside of the line on the left side. And sometimes I get a very small over around the same spot of the right.

    Again thanks for any help.

  3. I have to say that I get more acne now then I did when I was young. The odd this is that I get acne in the same places about every month. Some start as tiny whiteheads and grow to big bumbs.. The bumbs stimes havr white puse and some times clear. Sometime the bumbs do not stop making puse. What do you think. I think its odd that I get them in the same place about every month.