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  1. I use a "scrubber" --Buf Puf Singles-- and haven't had any trouble with breakouts. I started out with not using a scrubber and slowly worked it back into my routine. So far, so troubles. It seems to help remove the flakes faster.
  2. Congrats! I know how you feel. I'm 30...got acne around 18/19yrs old and it took maybe 10 days on the regimen (albeit my own modified one--using bp cleanser & no moisturizer) and I was much clearer. Today, I have one lingering "scab" and I just beam/grin/wanna jump for joy when I look in the mirror! I've commented to people I know, but they just don't get how big a deal it is to have acne and how it affects your life. Yippeee for you!
  3. I agree. I spent about an hour outside last week and my face was close to burning. Always be careful in the sun no matter what --it may make you look good, but sometimes the negatives outweighs the positives. (Coming from someone who is 5 days away from a long overdue/skipped melanoma checkup!)
  4. If need be, maybe you can apply bp 3x/day. I am a part time fitness instructor with a full time job as well. I'd hate to put makeup on with no bp, so am wash/bp/gym, the shower/wash/bp work, bedtime shower/wash/bp, and I haven't had a problem. But, we're all different.
  5. I ran into an old lady neighbor at WalMart one day. Noticing my "beauty products" she went into a schpiel about how she's only used water to wash her face her entire life and had great skin. She said all those washes, lotions, and remedies were a trick to get people to spend more $$. I think she just had some lucky genetics!
  6. OK, in purchasing makeup, I am a little confused on the terminology. I know I should be looking for something that is "noncomedogenic" but a lot of national brands don't exactly word it that way, instead they just say "won't clog pores". Does that actually MEAN it is noncemdogenic? I shop at WalMart, so I am looking at your regular joe brands --Maybelline, Cover Girl, Neutrogena, Almay etc. Can't remember which one (Maybelline or CG) just say "won't clog pores". Grrr...