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  1. Wow, this is cool! Good work Ian
  2. I'm at Loughborough matey. I'm slowely running out of Dan's BP and i seriously don't want to use OTS!!!! Hopefully it will come on monday. Rugby tryouts tm, just what my skin needs, dirty and sweat....we can only wait and see. Take care Ian
  3. Hey , Yep all is gd "up north" and your right Uni is soooo much cooler than school, and a lot less stressful which is all gd, even though i've still got 28 hour weeks, compared to everyone else who seem to be doing about 8!!! I think your right, i'm starting to see a slight improvement in just a few days, though i'm getting too optimistic! I haven't had a single white head the whole time i've been here which is cool. I got a couple of under the skin-don't want to come to a head ones about t
  4. Lol, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad luck! My skin is quite crap at the moment to be fair. Before I started the CSR I had spots all round my mouth area and on my chin and nothing (not even a red mark) on my cheeks or forehead. But now i've managed to basically lose the spots round my mouth, but my cheeks and forehead are a nightmare, I seem to be getting at least two new ones every day. I start uni on wednesday and that was my date which I was hoping to be clear by. It appears I won'
  5. Whoop Whoop , you must be happy mate. However i'm missing your weekly spot names to keep me entertained. Keep up the gd work. Take care. Ian
  6. Hey, can I say, your skin is looking ace, nice one. Bit random, what camera do you use, cos that image quality is amazing. Cheers Ian
  7. Tut tut, forget the cetaphil!! Dosen't it always seem that neckies are so much bigger than facies lol. Is that last post like an advert or something, are u on commission? Something interesting to write about though tinman, keep it up. Ian
  8. Good work man. Bet your well pleased you only got a couple rather than a big breakout. I 'm currently experiencing individual spots in weird places, like by my ear and on my lip, they are like little warriors fighting till the death, because overall my acne is slowely dieing out, just with a few red marks to contend with. Ian
  9. How can you say you actually want to be with this girl and ultimately love her? if you just called her a slag???? Just a thought, I would ditch her if she is taking you for a ride!
  10. Mate ur skin looks amazing, wish mine was that good, but i'm getting there!. I feel like a proud parent, nice one sonny jimbo. E
  11. Hey timan, hows thing? You have always got to think that a dull log is a great log for your skin because it must be crystal clear, nearly. Glad to hear your back on track and all is good. Keep up the good work. Ian
  12. Its a big old rollercoaster this clear skin lark. I'm glad your average is slowely going down. My skin seems to have taken a turn for the worst. I must be about 6 weeks in now, yet my breakouts appear to be just as frequent and horrible. I'm kind of depressed today, because I look a state. OOh well never mind. Ian
  13. Yeah, but tinman like you said to me, think of how ur skin was before the CSR and what your skin would be like if you didn't have the CSR in your life, I would say that it would be a lot more than 1.84. I'm still on about 1 new one every two days, but i'm quietly confident that its working and i'm seeing a good improvement with my texture and tone. I hope that this weekend is very relaxing for you and you get totally clear again soon. Ian
  14. I have updated my log just to keep you happy matey! Glad to hear you are doing well. Hope we all have same luck. Ian
  15. At tinmans request because I have taken over his log. Wow hasn't the time gone quickly! On the skin side of things its been okish I'd just like to say that when you have a breakout when on the CSR it can be so upsetting, and you really feel like its not working. They are the worst things, especailly when you start seeing an end to the nightmare, and then you are hit with a big old breakout. I had one last week which has just about finished now. I was really in a bad mood for a couple of days