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  1. Well, this will probably be my last post. I came to this site because I'd neglected the issue of my backne for too long and was at the end of my rope. I decided to stick around for at least a month to see what other's had come up with to help their acne. I've tried the H & S, tried the sea salt, a bunch of other stuff, and did a lot of research on my own. Slowly, I think I'm gaining control after a lot of trial and error and seeing what works best for ME, since everybody's different.
  2. Yeah, it's a mole. . . but that's cool, that he's got a mole. . . makes ME feel better anyway. pthh. right.
  3. Yep, might as well remind others that it didn't work for me. COULD be the tea tree oil. . .
  4. No prescription. . . its in some stores. You said you used OXY products, if its the same OXY, this is their face wash. I just use it on my back.
  5. Saddoll, I'm a guy and usually my problem is I'm too HOT. . . but I understand that most girls are usually cold, so I'm not sure how to help. I just don't use a blanket or anything, I just lay there on the sheets. And the BP is a bodywash which makes it really easy to apply. It's pretty strong. . . my back's getting kinda dry, and for now its fine because its helping. But eventually I might have to switch to something less harsh. I'm not sure, I might adjust, too.
  6. Right with you guys. When I had bad acne at 15 or so, I figured I'd grow out of it cuz my older brother's did. . . So I always held onto hope. (it started in 5th grade, btw) I figured when I was 18 it'd go away. . . It didn't. Then I thought, well, at least by 20. . . it didn't. I'm 22 now, and I do believe I'm finally getting clear. So hang in there guys, most of us are growing (or, hormonally imbalanced) until the age of 23-25. . . don't let it get you so down that you miss out on
  7. Hey saddoll, I've got your problem as well. At least with the skin. I'm 22, and I've got a mostly clear face all the time due to carefully sticking to a specific program. . . but my back's been horrible for about 6 years now and I've always hidden it from everyone but my family and extremely close friends. There's been nothing I could do, and I never wanted accutane since I knew it would break my face out like crazy. BUT lately I've figured something out. I figured the main difference betwe
  8. I think what causes people who have 2 spots to freak out is the same thing that causes us with more severe acne to freak out. . . Because the bad thing about acne is that it comes and goes. There's no rest, no stability, no predicting. For them, and for us. Most of us have become resilient, learning to deal with a larger amount of acne on our skin than most. . . and then it sucks when we break out even worse. We're tougher than those sad people who flip over 2 zits. But its the same emoti
  9. I haven't heard anything about salicylic and BP not combining well. . . please post if there's an article you found. Lisa, how bad was your bacne before you found the spray? I'd like to hear more about it.
  10. I gotta post, I started using H&S (well, a generic brand, with same ingredients) and after about a week, I don't think it did my skin any good. It COULD be because it was the generic, but. . . I don't know. Anyway, I washed with it, and left it on to dry on my skin. I did it twice a day - morning and night - for 6 days. At that time, I began to see *almost* what looked to be a rash forming on my back, about where my shoulder blades are. The skin was blotchy, no acne, but it didn't look
  11. I read somewhere on the internet (alas, its forever lost in cyberspace, now) that people who had experienced severe physical trauma experienced lesser immune responses and were generally more disposed to sicknesses and other afflictions that they didn't necessarily experience before. I was wondering how this might relate to acne, since I underwent 2 major surgeries in 2 years (jr. and sr. years of highschool) and subsequently found my acne worsening terribly. I underwent general anasthesia fo
  12. Excellent post, Danny. Athough in some cases, [increased hormones levels] + [predisposition + [healthy diet] still = acne. For some people, diet will not control it, no matter how strict it is. I also think its interesting that shmelis believes that all hormonal fluctuation occurs only during puberty. Some people are simply more inclined to always have hormonal fluctuations; or, to never be able to properly manage their hormones. Women face hormonal fluctuation during menstruation until
  13. My skin clears up when its dry. Cold winter works, although my lips and skin sometimes get chapped. Dry summer works, but its really easy for it to get humid here, so the summertime I usually go back and forth. Fall sucks. Spring sucks. Acne sucks.
  14. So, I've got a question and a statement. First the statement: I've never had a zit or pimple that just "went away." Ever, that I can remember. It starts out as a hard bump I can feel, then becomes a red bump I can see. . . and there it sits. Sometimes they become whiteheads, and I pop them, otherwise they just sit on my skin. And. . . I'm forced to pop them. Horrible, I know. But they'll never go away otherwise. Once they're popped, it heals, and my face looks better within a day.