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  1. I have a small raised scar on my chin, so far ive had ipl, microdermabrasion and caughtery. Its soft like my own skin. I went to see a plastic surgeon and he says its too small to inject with cortisone, if he cut it out it would leave a visable scar. He refused any treatment. So my question is is there any treatments that coukd flatten it even a tiny bit. Surely someone on this site has had some success. Id try the steroid tape but cant get it in the UK. Can anyone help or advise x
  2. Hi Tricia do you just leave the oil on your skin? Do you rub it in. Ive tried tea tree oil it didnt do any thing.
  3. I also thought that increasing collagen would make raised scars worse. Hey tracey521 have you ever used a tape with cortisone on. I think its called Halean tape in UK. Im also 37 and i dont think ive ever been so down or self conscious. Its ruined everything. If you ever want to talk just message me. Maybe we could help each other x
  4. Im interested in the dermapen too. How did you do it?
  5. Mine are like individual spots. They look just like pimples. I have 3. One was quite big had that cauterised and it left a pin prick indent doesnt look too bad. The others are small but always there. They just look awful. I look spotty even when im not. I think id rather have a couple of indents. I got mine cauterised by advanced electrolysis which is a bit more controlled and the needles tiny. When the plastic surgeon said your bumps are the epidermis what does that mean? That they are quite de
  6. Hey tracey521 thanks for your help. Sounds like we have a similar problem. Im not sure its scaring though. I think when weve had cysts the skins stretched too much and damaged the pore so it cant go back to normal. Have you tried cautery? I know theres a risk of an indent. Normally scar tissue is hardwhen its raised. Have you tried cortisone injections? I might have to get dermabrasion too. Am a bit scared though x
  7. Hey tracey521 thanks for the info on my posts. Just wondering are the bumps on your chin hard? Ive had cautery done on one and it looks a lot smaller. When i stretch the skin i can see a purple dot in the middle. Surely you cant see through scar tissue? X
  8. Antonthegreat just wondering the cream your derm gave you does it help peel a lot? I could do with something that helps make the skin smoother too.
  9. All she said was the lesions on my chin were pockets that were left behind. She told me to use vitamin e! And to keep applying pressure to them and theyd eventually flatten. She did say diathermy (cautery) would work but they didnt do it there.
  10. Im going to finally see a derm too on new years eve. My acne is under control but im not sure they can help with whats left. Did you have to beg them for lazer? I dont have pitted scars more slightly raised and uneven texture just on my chin! Do you think theyll be able to help? I live in newcastle. I went to the Harley Group and she said there was nothing they could help with.
  11. Antonthegreat what cream do use could i ask please? Id love to know what to uses on my own acne scars. Thank you.
  12. Hi im in desperate need of help. Ive got scarring on my chin from cystic acne. They are slightly raised. Not sure if its textural damage on the skin. What foundation can i use to cover them? Ive tried dermablend and it just looked awful and cakey. Some liquid foundations make me skin look oily making the txture more noticeable. Any help or advice would be great x
  13. I know exactly how you feel so your not alone. Im 37 and started suffering from cystic acne. I have lumpy scars on my chin. I feel sick when i look in the mirror. I have panic attacks, feel like i just dont deserve to be here. Im obsessive atlooking at people. Looking at their smooth skin. Im thinking of leaving my partner cause he deserves someone better, prettier. Im going on antideppressants and going to take cbt therapy. I want to help myself but im just lost. Simply existing everyday not li
  14. Ive tried the iud and it mooved and they had serious problems removing it. Very scared to try that again. Did you have bad breakouts on it?