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  1. Wondering if anyone has any experience getting a cortisone shot by someone in SF. I want to decrease my chance of getting an indentation
  2. I've had subcision with filler (but HA not Sculptra) with him twice. First one went good with no complications. Second one, I got 2 bumps from the filler I think. When I went back a 3rd time (didn't get subcision), I showed him it and he injected the spots with some stuff to dissolve the filler and applied pressure to get the bumps down. It's still there but I think it's improved a little. Still no regrets really. It's the risk you take when trying to fix scars all across your face. Idk if
  3. 20% sounds way too low. I feel like there were as many tethers my 2nd subcision as the first one
  4. It is true all my cystic pimples leave scars. Maybe I can try it out but I don't think 1 month is enough. Last year I think I went through the entire year with like 1 or 2 cystic pimples..was the best year my face ever had lol I actually just had an appt with my derm where I discussed my occasional cyst and he said he could put me on accutane. He said usually he prescribes it for 5 months. Told me to think about it. I would give it actual thought if I didn't have to stop drinking alcohol lo
  5. Honestly I don't think I can go through limiting my food. I don't want to go through that process and I also don't want to restrict what I can eat. But even if I did, how likely is it that my diet would affect anything if I'm only getting the occasional cyst every 1-2 months?
  6. I always see it recommended that you get rid of any active acne before addressing your scars because you could just get more acne which in turn leads to more scarring. However, how realistic is it that you can get rid of your acne 100%? Is that something that actually happens? For me my face is clear for the most part but there still is the occasional cyst that I get which most of the time leaves a scar. Basically is it actually expected to get a completely clear face forever? The next stro
  7. Those results look really good! Personally I'd be really happy with how it turned out. How would you rank the effectiveness of the treatments (if you can I know thats hard)
  8. I haven't done any peels really. I really messed up my face like 3 years ago when I was using peels. But that was because I had active acne. Might try it out again. Where do you get your peels from? I got 15% azelaic acid. I think azelaic acid is hit or miss since I've seen people who didn't see much effect from it. I used it for a couple months and I don't think anything happened. I'm confident that a couple rounds of v beam will help me out with the red marks and then I'll be free lol. Ju
  9. Thanks for the tips! My derm did give me azelaic acid but honestly I think that was too irritating and making the redness worse so I stopped. I'm using vitamin c now and I've used it in the past and haven't seen much benefits from it, but now I think it may be doing something. When I went to Rullan I asked what would help with the PIE and he said vitamin c, but I still don't understand the reason why
  10. On the flip side, with less aggressive of a setting, you'd have to get more treatments and that would get him more money also lol
  11. I think it does for most but I'm not exaggerating when I say I have pie from acne that's was at least 3-5 years ago. I'm going to start doing v beam to get rid of it after I finish up my subcision+cross+erbium (might just do one more of these). I already did 1 v beam session. Don't think I got too much out of it. My redness looked way better couple days after but I think it went back to normal then. But they told me I won't get much after 1 session and I needed at least 2.
  12. What counts as fresh? My pie actually lasts forever..talking years. It's crazy annoying. I would say most of my scarring is from 3+ years ago.
  13. I've gone to rullan twice. The first time I asked him what he thinks about how long it'll take for me and what type of improvement to expect. I asked for a percentage but I don't remember if he gave one. He just said with my scars I should expect really good improvement. I also asked how many treatments (of the trio) I should do, I think he said around 3. After the second time I went, I asked how many treatments he thinks is left, he said 1-2, so I'll see after the 3rd time what he says lol.
  14. I would agree if it wasn't so expensive. One place I got a quote for it was 2k. That's too much for something you need multiple treatments for and which you don't even know will work. I pay around 2k for a trio from rullan but at least I know that'll do something lol