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  1. All I know is I feel so much better now and I can't believe anything helped. The spiro is a miracle. Ask about a larger dosage. You may reconcider your dermotologist too. Find someone else who is more up-to-date on treatments. I had a dermatologist when I was in my 20's who just told me to wash with Dove and change my pillowcases regularly. How stupid and basic is that! If that worked I would have no reason for showing up in her office. For a dermatologist she sure had the "your face is a mess y
  2. how many mg are you taking? I just started taking it and was prescribed 200 mg to be taken all at once every day. Do you think this is too much? How long did it take for you to start to see an improvement in your skin? Just a month or so. I'm on 100 mg now but started on a very low dosage. like 25mg. I was told to take it in the smaller form starting at 1 pill a day for 4 days then every 3 to 4 days upping my dose to first, 2 pills (50mg)/day then 2morning and two in the eavning 100 mg
  3. I've been on Spiro for about 6mos. I am very satisfied with the results. I remember the dermatologist saying that he could have me happy with my skin in 6 mos time. I was of course skeptical but he was completely right. There are side effects but mine have all been beneficial. I have had irregular periods but After a few months they became regular again. As a bonus the cramping, heaviness and pms have improved dramatically. After having my two children my periods would cause unbearable cramps,
  4. [font=Georgia]I have been fighting acne for years. I went on accutane twice and it worked but with really annoying side effects. I had a problem with very dry lips and thirst. I was also warned about the dangers of using accutane such as liver problems (they now reqire an annual blood test) so I quit. I tried many topical "remedies" but nothing worked. I even used a chemical peel. What a waist of two hundred dollars!!! I finally went to a dermatologist my sister in law recommende and he put me