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  1. mooshii

    E. Day 29: Diet Changes

    Well, I think my acne got worse O_O I reimplemented berries (came in a salad) and had like 2 cups berries one day. I also think I was too relaxed this week in the meat department (not worrying about quality) - same with today about the meat. Gotta step it up a notch the next days, and definitely no more fruit (or tomato).
  2. mooshii

    B. Day 8: Diet Changes

    (forgot chest shot :c)
  3. mooshii

    A. Day 1: Diet Changes (re-uploaded)

    This is how bad my acne was on the first day I decided to go on this diet My diet: no dairy, grains, starchy veggies, sweet fruits, highly processed foods, sugar in general/high GI and GL. Basically a form of the Paleo Diet mixed with the Candida Diet.
  4. I've read around and it seems like most people just exfoliate and wash their faces once a month to get rid of the skin, and afterwards continue with the caveman regimen.
  5. My acne is pretty severe to the point of nodules... smaller ones but nodules none the less. I haven't really noticed any improvements in these 9 days other than no new breakout on my chest. I got two new zits on the left of my lower lip, one on the lower right side of my chin, and a couple on my shoulders. The lip ones are the most annoying as they hurt when I move my mouth and I can constantly feel them... =/ But I plan on going at this for 2~3 months. If there are no improvements I'm going to
  6.     Well... I was kind of in a rush in the morning haha. I was going to cook up some tofu and throw in some spinach but things didn't go as planned because I had class. And actually according to http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/protein women only need 46g of protein a day. With everything I've eaten today, it comes to 45g - I use an app to track everything I eat - which is 30% of the total calories for today. =) For beets, I mean sure they don't have THAT fewer gra
  7.     Mmm well I rarely eat it, but I also take Omega-3 fish oil supplements!
  8. After Day 1, I changed everything. I am doing a mix of the Candida and Paleo diets. NO: dairy, sugar, high sugar fruits, starchy vegetables, highly processed foods, grains CUT OUT LIMITED AFTER DAY 9: nuts, cocoa powder Questions? Ask me! Hi, I have had acne ever since puberty, when I was around 12~13 years old. I'm 18 now. My acne was doing "ok" over the summer - I didn't want to rip my face off from what I remember. However, now that college has started, my acne has gotten way wors
  9. Hi fyry, I just made this account in order to comment lol. I wanted to say that I found this very inspiration. It sounds like you have an amazingly healthy lifestyle, which I know must take (or DID take) a TON of self-control, which I'm trying to develop myself. My acne is severe (you can't tell very well from my picture since the lighting is bad and I'm wearing makeup, but trust me. My face hurts as I type this). I have a couple doctor appointment scheduled next week in order for me to go get