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  1. ikajo

    End Of Week 3

    same here. end of week 3 has left me with some super ugly spots which seem to be liking my face alot..
  2. Hey ! I've also just started my treatment with Accutane and I'm on my 11th day now. I take 30mg/day but I might increase it later on. My left cheek has been having more breakouts and I mostly sleep on my left side. So I don't know, have you thought your sleeping side could be affecting your skin? I still have not noticed any crazy side effects, just some dryness and itchiness around my mouth and my nose, while my lips are very soft! I've been using a very good lipbalm since the first d
  3. My derm also told me to drink lots of milk and actually to take the drug with a glass of milk after a heavy lunch. That helps the organism to absorb the medicine better.