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  1. Late reply but I'm having the exact same problem on 20mg accutane I am on my first week and I feel dizzy. Not nausea but just a little bit of dizziness, it's so weird. Any update on what happened to you?
  2. Hmm, this might be the deal breaker for me. This is just not an option for me I have to be able to train hard or else accutane can go to hell
  3. Maybe you guys are right. Like I said I have decided to go for it (if my blood tests allow it etc) so we'll see what happens. I'd like to hear more opinions from adults about accutane though. I am still scared of the side effects but I've tried everything else so I have to try this now.
  4. daveuk27 Sounds good! Ofcourse I am worried about what I read, I would be an idiot if I didn't. But I've decided to go for the tane so if my bloodtests are ok I should start in about 1.5 month. I am just tired of dealing with this shit and my entire face is red at the moment so while people are enjoying the summer and their lives I am hiding inside with my red face. I've tried to resist it as much as I could but Accutane, here I come...
  5. Hey bryan24, what you describe is exactly what I feel. Especially the one step forward and two steps back that's how reality is for me. I also wanna know how accutane will affect my sport since it's a heavy contact sport that involves sparring and hitting eachother in the face. Not so good I am assuming
  6. My biggest fears are defenitely hairloss and that I won't be able to train normally (Muscle and joint pains?). Everything else I can deal with except for liver failure So those 2 are the ones I fear. It would be typical me though, finally get rid of the acne and lose my hair forever at the same time. My life in a nutshell.
  7. Thanks all for your replies. Alternativista: The common food allergies are grains and dairys aren't they? And I don't eat grains anyway. devendralover: You're right. I will go on accutane.. I have no other options left. One question, do you do any excercise and if you do how do you feel when you do it while on accutane? And also do you get alot of random nosebleeds? Good luck to you too, I hope you get clear fast.
  8. Jiloz

    adult acne

    Not only overpriced. They don't work either. You can't treat acne with shitty topical creams ffs, when are ppl gonna understand.
  9. I live by a paleolithic diet and have done so for the last year. I do eat dairy products but only natural and from grass fed animals. Now, I do feel awesome, and I have alot of energy for training but acne remains unfortunately. This is the end of the line for me, I have tried everything, I 100% support the idea that acne is caused by diet but I just can't seem to get rid of it. This is my last option, and I have avoided accutane for a long time, but I don't know what else I can do at my age. I
  10. I am so tired of this shit, I am going to get the blood tests next month and in October I will probably go on Accutane. I am just scared that I will regret it later on but I really have no options left and my acne is pretty bad (well I'm not DEFORMED but you know what I mean..). I was first offered accutane almost a year ago now but didn't take it. But now... There is no hope, only accutane MIGHT save me. But I have a feeling even accutane isn't gonna help me but I have no other options left. M
  11. Well, actually, training like an athlete is not actually good for you. That's why professional athletes careers are short. And have you considered food intolerances. My cystic acne was caused by an allergy to citrus. 2 courses of accutane did absolutely nothing for me, btw. Hey, I don't train like an athlete to get rid of my acne... I just do it to be good at my sport. And no, food intolerance is the one thing I haven't thought about. Would make sense to be honest, having acne at 24 i
  12. MarcMadness unfortunately I have no advice at all. Only thing I can say is I am in the EXACT, 100% same situation. The stupid derm just wanted to pop me full of pills, and then throw me on accutane. She didn't even want to answer me when I asked WHY DO I HAVE ACNE?!?!?!? She just said these pills will help. Yea that's a good approach... And she's an educated doctor? Jesh. What scared me even more of accutane and in the end made me run was her attitude towards it. I told her "I heard you could lo
  13. Trust me.. Lemon juice, sleep, diet, I've tried it all. I keep a PERFECT diet, I train like an athlete, I sleep good. I do everything right and I am rewarded with a face that looks like it's been dipped in acid. MrsAshley: My skin is really tricky aswell, it's not even oily, it's actually dry. I have no idea what to do to be honest. I don't even think accutane can help me. I think I just have to accept the fact that I have to live with this... What the fuck is the problem with this shit I'M
  14. I've been offered accutane but I am, just like you, too chicken too take it. This was almost a year ago now, and ofcourse, time hasn't improved my acne so my list of options is growing thin... I am close to accepting that it's my fate to fuck up my life and take the poison known as accutane and pray to god or whatever evil creature, that put this curse on me to make it easy on me. And my acne is BAD. When I went to the derm she told me I had 3rd degree acne, sounds worse than fucking burn damag
  15. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work; I'm not going to have a heart attack over it. Nice approach ;) Good luck anyway, hope you don't turn 24 and still have acne like I do. (dno your age so maybe you're older haha, you get the message...)