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  1. I find topical Vit C really helps brighten up skin and fade any blotchiness. It has no effect on acne scars, but it is an anti-oxidant and can help prevent/reverse general skin damage. I like Jason Natural's hyper-C serum and Avalon Organics vitality serum. Both have a high % of Vit C
  2. Black Opal essential gel is non greasy. It does have retinol, so can break you out if you're sensitive
  3. Turmeric powder is VERY yellow, and stains skin. Indians with brown skin use it a lot, but I think caucasian skin will be stained yellow by it, and the color doesnt wear off for a couple of days. It even stains countertops and tile floors! You might want to test it on your hand or something before you try it on your face Most of the other cures Ive heard of a lot growing up in India. They are gentle, and effective over a long period of time, but there are more efficient ways of getting the sa
  4. I got a huge 50g jar of L-ascorbic in powder form for just over $5 from www.makingcosmetics.com and I add a little bit each time I use the Jason hyper-C serum. It is fairly stable in powder form. Ester C is more stable and lipid soluble, and I read somewhere that it works by getting converted to the active L-ascorbic form in the skin. Bit like using retinol instread of Retin-A - some amount of the retinol converts to trenitoin in the skin, but obviously much less efficient.
  5. Has anyone tried the Green Cream from www.greencream.com? It has 0.6% retinol - supposed to be the highest % of retinol available OTC. I tried the sample, and did have any redness or irritation at all, but today i am peeling in sheets of skin. The product has great reviews on makeupalley. Anyone tried this?
  6. cayenne pepper sounds very irritating, and I havent seen any mention of it on this board - what benefit does that have for the skin? I started using CP serum a month back and i started getting these little red bumps on my cheeks. The skin bio customer service people said i was probably using too much, so now i mix 2-3 drops of CP serum in some jojoba oil and use that on my face. The skinbio folks also recommended taking a week's break from the serum every 6 weeks with a basic non-irritating r
  7. My neighbor was considering using this about a year back - its an ointment called Cansema that had zinc, bloodroot and some other stuff. Apparently you can get the recipe off the internet. FDA raided the company that sold this stuff cause it burnt peoples faces off 8-[ and now they operate from some place in the Bahamas. You can still get this stuff on eBay. I remember my friend looking at some skin cancer message boards where people were raving about this stuff, but the pictures were SCARY.
  8. I use Spenco 2nd Skin Quick Heal on my face sometimes. It has a decent % of hyaluronic acid and it helps keep the skin moist and plump, and that minimises the appearance of shallow scars. For me scars always look better early in the morning (almost invisible) and start becoming more visible as the day goes by. I think hyaluronic maintains that "morning look" by keeping the skin really well hydrated. So, yes, it does seem miraculous, though it doesnt do anything to the acutal scar in terms of col
  9. I wouldnt put TCA on my face again if someone gave me a million dollars ](*,)
  10. No new scarring for me either, but LOTS of hyper-pigmentation. Especially along my jawline where the peeling was really slow. I have ugly brown blotches and small rash-like bumps where I massaged with jojoba oil to get off the flakes. Shudder to think what I would have looked like if I'd used the micro-crystals Second time I used TCA I got hyperpigmentation even though I didnt do anything to speed up the peeling. Im really upset with all the TCA vendors who say it is safe for dark-skinned
  11. Slightly off-topic question - what's the difference between Tazorac and Retin-A micro? Are you finding Tazorac more effective than the Retin?
  12. Maybe you're allergic to the algae extract in it. I LOVE the mandelic serum, it works great for me. Its exactly the opposite - I dont get any breakouts if I use it twice a day and it makes my skin significantly less oily. According to zerozits.com algae extract has the worst rating for comedogenicity and irritation, so I guess Im just lucky it doesnt affect me