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  1. Yeah girls pick clear guys over acne ridden. And so do you, actually. You cant blame them. The main trick is to get such girl to like you. Thats why u gotta be better then most people around u who got clear skin. Hey, noone said its gonna be easy. I went through lot of pain til I got a gf. And now that I've accomplished such important to me deed, my soul is balanced and I feel great. So great that I broke up with her And now just flirting my ass off with everyone. THanks, my first lovely gf,
  2. Hey I was just being honest =\ If someone insults ME with an obvious purpose of insulting me I dont run and hug that person. Even if I like him/her. Especially if I like him/her. She needed a lesson or a short lecture, not a hug. I still dont take my words back. Including the ones about getting some. Relax.
  3. I'm already not nervous =) despite my severe acne. So you dont have to wait, people. You can act NOW. But of course you cant do it like people with normal skin. You gotta be better then them. Cuz the requirements for you were automatically raised up high. You gotta work harder to prove to a girl that you deserve her more than some pretty ass boy with flawless airbrushed skin and big expressive eyes... That's life.
  4. How pathetic. That was my first thought when I read all that. Second thought: ah, who cares if you'll get some =)
  5. I didnt have a gf up until 2 months ago (i'm 17 years and 7 months old) Next problems is getting rid of virginity. Before I had a relationship I was horny like hell and thought it's a piece of cake. Now I'm actually kinda afraid to do it =) even though my gf already offered me sex. Over the phone. And while we walked outside. Damnit %)))
  6. What made me smile is the part where author mentions American Freedom of speech and constitutional rights %))) No offence, but there is little of that in the proud US of A, really. And actually, anywhere in the world. Congrats.
  7. Jack off all you want, people. Healthy testies are also important. I jack off all i want. It's cool B)
  8. I'd be spiderman!! Man i often have dreams where I leap around buildings with his powers. Of course he might have no advantage over other superheroes. But he is slim, he is physically strong and he can almost fly. Yup!
  9. Author You'll get used to such turn downs over time. WHat's more important you'll also understand that having a boyfriend doesnt have to stop the girl from having friends. Being a friend is a good position. From there you can progress into something more intimate. That is my experience.
  10. Author Dunno man, I broke up with my gf and felt a whole lot better I still have my girl and guy friends, life goes on, but without a GF it's just less stressful. IMHO having a gf makes your acne worse. THat's my personal experience. Now skin is getting better.
  11. What part of asia have you been to? There's no sun there? o_0
  12. Yeah, hate when people sit by my bad side, i feel so uncomfy.. Why does acne look so terrible (((((((
  13. you gotta take off your makeup a little. Then more and more and then just dont use it at all. Cuz it's easier. He must get used to you. But dont show it all at once. Take your time.
  14. Teach that girl some kind of a lesson IMHO the best way to counter-strike such behavior is to absolutely ignore her. When she tries to talk, find some reason to go away, when she offers something (like calling her) refuse it. Works. The main difficulty here is to catch the moment when she is obsessed with getting your attention and give it just a little.