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  1. .....your acne isn't even that bad........
  2. I actully just realized this the othe day, also. The acne on my left side of my face is much worse than on right, and it's the side of my face that I sleep on. Make sure to wash your pillows and pillow covers regularly!
  3. Someone on the board swears by vitamin b5 in 12 g per day but I do not remember whom, (s)he even had a very helpful site set up.
  4. Is it a good idea to use a cream containing 4% hydroquinone [Obagi] while treating acne? I have red marks/scars, I don't remember which kind but not all my acne is gone. Do i wait for the 4% hydroquinone or add it in to my system? Thanks all!
  5. Bump?....Anyone? I have looked up daily peels and haven't had much luck...so...yeah
  6. Pureinside looks like a joke, just my two cents....I'm currently on Murad as it doesn't have benzyol peroxide
  7. I'm looking to maybe do the Wexler system, but it involves a daily [at night] 10% glycolic peel...i know this is not a very strong concentration of glycolic acid, but is it safe to do it daily? http://www.patriciawexlermd.com/main/brows...ct.regimen.acne Anyone have any input?
  8. Those are more for active acne, for scarring you need what's commonly referred to as 'age spots' Murad sells stuff for it
  9. Why would you need to starve yourself?
  10. Anthony didn't work for acne for me. Probably because the stuff is loaded with fragrance and dyes \...I haven't tried anything else.
  11. mjsb


    Maybe just see a derm about topical solutions? Feel better = )
  12. Hi...I'm new, I started the Murad regimine with the sulfar mask every 3 days, on June 29 2006 and I started the Pure Skin supplement on July 5, 2006. I'm trying both out for 8 week and then if all fails I am going to Wexler's system or Aveda. I'll post pictures tomorrow sometime. Anyone have any advice or have tried Murad or Wexler or Aveda? I do not trust benzoyl peroxide because of the risk of acne marks and harming the skin. Good luck to all!