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  1. I was off hormonal birth control for over a year because of negative side effects. My face was clear and smoother than it's ever been. I did have problems with cane growing up, but it subsided by about age 19. I am now 22. 5 months ago I made the decision to get a copper IUD put in and almost immediately my face became the worst it's ever been. I don't have a family doctor but every walk in I went to said it was unlikely it was because of the IUD, so I just always went home feeling crazy.
  2. I've been battling closed comedones for akmost two years now myself. I found all those AHA AND BHA products to be temporary fixes, only helping for a day or so. And oddly enought the Lush face mask "Love Lettuce" made the most significant temporary difference. Unfortunately the effect of these products all started to decline for me and I am now at the point where nothing helps..so I guess the question is...what can we do to help our skin deal with the closed comedones on it's own? For good
  3. Honestly those look like enlarged pores. I know that's not a solution but I hope it helps. I am struggling with a way to minimize my own enlarged pores.
  4. I had an abortion 4 months ago, and a copper IUD insterted at the same time. I took out the IUD 2 months ago as acne flared up in a way it has never done before. Not sure if it was because of the Copper IUD or hormonal imbalance caused by the abortion but each pore on my face is raised and eventually gets inflamed. I have hundreds of bumps on ym face, which feels rough like sandpaper. In relation to your post I have been getting acne on my chest and kneck as well, which has never happened be
  5. Just offering my personal story here..but I do have closed comedones and I tried Epiduo, and it only made my skin worse. Are your bumps 'squeezable'?
  6. I have the same problem. Whenever I feel out of control about something, off to the bathroom I go. I started getting whiteheads last year, and I picked at them, and so ofcourse they spread, and now they are all over my face. And I still can't stop. I try to wash my face in the kitchen sink where there is no mirror (my bathroom has the HARSHEST natural lighting ever), but lets face it you can't keep a clean kitchen 24/7 so often I wind up in the bathroom, and as soon as I see something game o
  7. I got the exact same reaction from revlon colorstay. Must have been the years of heavy makeup use, because I know I personally chose this one because it was the fullest (heaviest) coverage at the drugstore. I'm so excited to have found this post! Is the mandolin acid toner drying? Because I have countless closed comedones and my skin is oily but dehydrated (dry patches), and I struggle with finding a moisturizer that properly hydrates due to my finicky condition and undying fear of clogg
  8. Interesting about the body dysmorphic disorder, I've never considered that side of it. Not to make this post about me here, but I fit the description you just made. So thank you for shedding some light! Another potential side if you were to zone in on the skin picking, could be if you are face picking to make yourself feel better, or in control of your situation momentarily when you have none otherwise. Then it could be considered a mild form of obsessive complsive disorder. 2
  9. Did you just start 'getting obsessed' all of a sudden? Or have you been zoning in on facial imperfections as long as you've had them? Also, what exactly do you mean? Do you just think about it when you see it? Or do you find yourself having a hard time not thinking about them every hour of every day? Or..? I guess I'm just asking for more details haha.
  10. I have the exact same problem going on two years now, SO STUBBORN, and SO FRUSTRATING. It's scary to even try anything new in fear it might make it worse, and I don't even know what my 'safe products' are anymore. The only thing that has helped is to not touch my face, and just recently (to my surprise) the LUSH self perserving 'Love Lettuce' face mask has helped soothe the bumpiness of the consistently clogged pores and moisturize at the same time (something I haven't really been able to d
  11. That looks like the rough ,bumpy and VERY STUBBORN acne(?) that I have now too. Not sure if it's just because my pores are all clogged and I've just tried too many different products that now they don't know how to clear themselves or what. I live in small town where there is only one dermatologist so I'm on the 1yr+ waiting list so please share what your dermatologist recommends for your condition, best of luck. I've been trying to calm this specific condition down for over a year now and
  12. Maybe look into trying a live blood analysis! Different from your standard blood tests. I haven't had one yet, but I'm making an appointment this week. Apparently it can tell you a number of things a standard blood test can't, including: whether your body is absorbing nutrients properly, presence of bacteria, yeast etc in your blood, what's going on with your immune system etc Heres a link to some of the things that you can find out through this analysis: http://www.livebloodtest.com/live-an
  13. This is going to sound gross, but what happens when you squeeze them? Anything?
  14. Personally, my pores got super clogged from using a moisturizer with jojoba oil under anything else during during the day. I haven't had much luck with any natural products. Added to a medley of face products, they just seem to confuse my skin even more. It seems to work ok for a lot of people though, but I've had to learn that every skin is different the hard way =\