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  1. Your not alone. I know how frustrating it can be and I really feel for you. The best advise I can give to you at the moment is to allow yourself time without thinking about your face. By this I mean once you are home and know that you are not going out in the evening do not look at your face again in any mirror (even if this involves removing mirrors from some rooms. just forget about how you look while your at home. Most people with acne are not as conscious around family as they are out
  2. i know that my mum felt pain for me as I was so unhappy. I was a nightmare to be around but just couldnt stop all the emotions that come with it. Now I try and make an effort to let my mum know about the things that ive enjoyed recently. to be honest at times i dont think i ould have made it through without her.
  3. Wouldnt it just be nice if a loved one could really empathise with how you are feeling and truly see how much anxiety it causes and feel your pain. Maybe Accutane is worth a go - it cleared my up although my skin is very sensitive now. You say its more the scars - does that mean its active acne? or is it the scars?
  4. :clap: :clap: :clap: This is the same path I took. I felt I hit rock bottom two years ago and have seen nothing but advances since then. I looked to eliminate everything that wasn't doing me any good. That meant even cutting ties to casual acquaintances that only seemed to want me for what they needed. In the end I was left surrounded with just good and positive people. I read, worked on hobbies (also music!) and I also took the time to build a strong foundation within me. I am almost clear
  5. I have read a few articles on depression here and thought that I may start a thread with some general thoughts of mine in regard to dealing with it. I've been to the point where I have hit rock bottom for a long sustained time. The fundimental problem for me was my acne but that was compounded by other things going wrong. Once you have hit rock bottom there is plenty of time to evaluate what is important in life. In time things start to become clear. At rock bottom the only way is up and you c
  6. advice would be get rid of any mirrors you have - at least the ones in your bedroom and once you know your not going out in the evening just try and forget about your face for a while at least. Its desperatly hard but important!
  7. I havent ben on this site for such a long time - basicaly since i finished accutane and just wanted to forget my nightmare 12 years with acne. To be honest I didnt want to come back on this board again but im glad I have. I forgot how nice people are here! It's so sad that Acne makes us feel worthless and ashamed. Sparkelust Im sure I would speak for most people on here sayng that you are a beautiful person. Inside and out. Its also ok to be shy and unsociable. Its easy to tell you to go out an
  8. only use that stuff if your acne is mild - i used it also when my acne was at its worst and it did nothing. The overnight acne medication stuff made my acne worse. Its also an expensive way for little result. I think the worse thing that you can do is try lots of different products over a short period of time. I know ive been there and its so fustrating and demoralising. The point where you will buy anything or give anything a go is a dangerous time because when you are at that point after s
  9. midway through course and just been put up to 60mg - went back to see derm earlier this week and its kind of a teaching hospital too so there were all these young students there when i went into see him - nightmare, had to take my shirt off while they peered at my acne at least i was quite clear and have been working out! last week i had a big break out but its too be expected i guess but still accutane has given me my life back. well into my course my sound engineering course back to meeting
  10. Agreed grrr u've gone on the evil side how could you?? :naughty: lmao I Just can :razz: I mean, come on, words wont solve anything! neither will ignoring it, what you need to do is scare people off. How do you scare them? Violence of course! :razz: thats why the world is such a nice place :wall:
  11. Agreed He isnt saying he been bullied -a stern word is all thats needed making it clear that your being cool about it cause you dont think they realised it was you but tell them its still a dumb ass thing to be doing anyway. walk off with a smile and its all good. And who gives a shit about what a bunch of c#nts think??!! :wall:
  12. the fact that you asking what you should do means that you must have calmed down to rationlize your thoughts. depends if you want things to escilate which always happens in these cases. I wouls just say calmly like our not bothered that it wasnt cool what they did and if you ever thought they mean to get you then this wouldnt be your response Fair enough if they give you shit then feel free but all the talk of bats and stuff really shouldnt be on here. its not the place and not a nice atmosphe
  13. wash face i think and if it came back then i would go back on another course of tane then maybe after use a topical but i want to give myself the chance to lead a normal life again. ill also stick with my oley complete with savlon cream (antiseptic cream) so skin is hydrated but also has a control on bacteria.