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  1. This did not help me at all.
  2. Believe it or not, but my acne was worst than your picture now. I have it saved on my computer. I'll post them when I have the chance. You will see. My acne is from my dad and also because my hormones acne. I look at acne as a medical problem not as a cosmetic problem, arghhh I wish I had a acne doctor, I miss my cortisone shots. They use to give me like 7 shots everytime. Before it was 10 + shots.
  3. rilakkuma

    Week 2

    I bought a cheap calendar planner at Walmart and I have been starting to write down everything I eat. I have realized I break out when I eat tuna and milk and eggs. I try to stay away from those. I like tuna though,,,argh.
  4. rilakkuma


    Wow, so clear skin now I'm happy for u, I hope it works for me
  5. rilakkuma


    I can't wait to try my regimen when it comes in the mail!
  6. When I got pregnant, my skin got worst but after I gave birth my skin was so beautiful. My son is now 9 months old and my acne is coming back again, I keep debating proactive vs regimen. I bought the regimen...let's see how that goes...
  7. I'm using daily: clearosonic, neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser, acne medication benzoyl peroxide 5%, and Persia gel 10 maximum strength. Cleaning off make up I use : make up remover cleansing towelettes neutrogena, fresh foaming cleanser, and clearosonic Weekly I use: Clinique acne solutions oil control cleansing mask, and biore deep cleansing pore strips
  8. From the album: fresh foaming and clearosonic

    Biore once weekly, the other two daily
  9. Still breaking me out

    I think I have hormonal acne. Idk if it is even taking off my make up.