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  1. holy shit you're still on this site after all this time. wow mandy you're a champion lmao. i only come on maybe twice a year.

  2. hey jennywho. it's been a while since i've been on. how's everything going.

  3. whoa man lookin wayy better post tane than i am! haha what's going on. how'd the goldfish swallowing thing go :P! jkz jkz

  4. i started breaking out heavily while i was taking those shakes as well.
  5. Round up ^ took me about 1.5 to 2 years.
  6. i don't think you should. you're acne is very mild. accutane would probably make you break out worse. maybe a low dose of accutane if you really have tried EVERYTHING. what do you mean when you say you've tried 'pills'? did you mean tetracycline or minocycline? if not, try them. amazing. either way, going on accutane isn't up to you. i doubt your doctor will perscribe it to you. doctors refused to give it to me until i had severe acne. well... good luck anyways! you're skin is amazing anywayss p
  7. my advice... be patient! accutane isn't an overnight cure. look at a lot of accutane galleries to see what some progresses look like. definatly use sun screen. i learned the hard way and i regret it. chapstick: "softlips" sunscreen: anything at least spf 30 food: meh, eat healthy. also, buy a skin cleanser like spectrojel (in Canada) but make sure it has no benzyol peroxide or other drying agents.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. i wouldn't worry about those rare side-effects. i had taken minocycline from the 7th until the 9th grade suffering no side-effects. the downside was when i became immune to the antibiotic i brokeout like crazy.
  10. it doesn't matter. unless it's really really severe. most guys don't find acne attractive but at the same time we don't find it unattractive if it's mild. it truly depends on the guy.
  11. i'm 7 months post-accutane and my face is quite smooth. several tinyy zits but that's about it. still a bunch of scarring though...
  12. i have a sauna in my home and i've tried using it about every other day for my acne. uhm... didn't make any difference in my active acne, but when i showered after a lot of dead skin washed off my face came off more easily and the clear parts of my face were softer. i guess it helps in exfoliating. just make sure you shower after with hot and then end it with cooler water.