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  1. they are slow working and time demanding... I was waiting like 5 years to get rid of acnes, and now i have to wait 2 years to get rid of scars? NO! I want it all and i want it now! :D
  2. Jesus.... I am really sorry to hear you are losing your hair because of that stupid drug! My friend has the same problem, also dry lips, eyes, and it's been 4.5 years after he stop taking it... They are killing us, stupid acnes, i just wish i was like uber smart and made a vaccine which has no side effects and kills all the acnes in like 1 day! I would share it for free and fix young peoples main problem!
  3. hey, just to give you a little piece of advice.. Look for some medications which you take oral, because all those creams and gels won't solve your problem permanently.. The problem is mainly in your blood and under skin - not above it.. So first kill cut off the head of the beast, then go for topical problems .
  4. don't do roacutane! ONly but ONLY if you are so desparate and if you acne conditioni is very very bad, then go with acutane, but if you are not that bad then go with any other medication... I know my friend is still struggling with side effects of accutane, 4 years after taking it hes lips and eyes are very bad dry, and he also lost some hair.... I never used that medication and i never will, acne for me isn't so big estetic trouble, i don't care how i look, i got scars also which i am trying to
  5. i have same problem as you.. I am going to TCA these days, i was hoping to try first with 15% then go stronger.. I am just not sure yet if i should do it because i ahve couple of active acnes..
  6. you should go and do a blood test and also check your liver condition, don't joke with that you can get into REAL troubles, then acnes will look like funny thing next to serious problems.. About drinking, most of drugs won't work 100% if you drink alcholol while taking them, that's why you should avoid drinkig a lot, so the medication can work correctly.
  7. yeh i could agree with ^ For example i had acnes long before i started taking whey. It was some ISO WHEY ZERO i think brand.. I was taking some normal dose and acnes would come out same as if i wasn't taking at all whey.. So i guess it didn't worse my situation, but to make it better? Nope i don't think so. However, i did take whey which had 0 sugar in it, and i asked my dermatologist and he told me it's good that it doesn't have sugar, beacuse if it had it could help acnes to break out. So my
  8. it has something to do with taking your blood then injecting some plasmas in your skin. It says it imporves a lot of things,i am just wondering how much can i expect for 1 treatment. Here its called Vampire Treatment, but i looked over internet and real name is platelet rich plasma! I really need someone who already done this to let me know if it's worth it. THANKS!
  9. i am really not sure because in my country it's called different. I think it was ER:YAG or something like that, i paid 150euros for treatmant and basically it didn't help much. Worst thing is, i kinda lost fat on my cheeks, and now when i smile it looks like i am Joker from Batman.
  10. Hello. This is my first post here however i was watching your threads for a very long time. I have scars, on my cheeks from acnes. I made a screenshot, even tho it doesn't look that "BAD" but it actually is when i am on sun it looks awful, scars are huge.. So, i was wondering, what is best for my type of scars? TCA ? If so how strong % ? Or i should go with PRP i heard it's also good also there are no risks. Please let me know, or maybe if there is better solution tell me. Just to say, i been