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  1. I have a swollen lymph node under my chin which I am sure is a reaction from Benzoil. I gonna go back to Dan's regimen. Good luck to those who are trying this. I hope it turns out better for you than me.
  2. Day 5 here and I am completely dry. I skipped this morning because I am so dry that my face feels like it will split open if I open my mouth too much. My skin actually did crack on the sides when I ate. At lunch I couldn't fit food into my mouth it was horrible, it felt like my skin was tearing apart. I hope this hardening effect is just my skin adjusting rather than a permanent side effect of this stuff. Tonight I will use a smaller amount. Also, I am breaking out badly, which I assume is the p
  3. Day 3 and it has started to clear me up already. At first it wasn't drying at all, rather it felt nice and smooth afterwards, but now by day 3 I am starting to feel dry and itchy, though I don't have any visible sings of dryness yet. I don't use anything afterwards so a moisturizer might help me. I am also stinging a little as my face gets used to the 10%. It absorbed better than I thought it would. It takes a little time to get all the BP granules into the skin (about the same time to rub Dan'
  4. Okay I have decided I will try it. I just hope it works. Certain regimens either make me better or worse, it's like a gamble everytime I try. Dan's was good, so this must be better.
  5. Well, I just read this whole thread. It was quite an adventure to read it all... I am pretty sure I will buy the 4OZ from eBay. I just have a few questions that I don't think anyone asked yet. This is a stronger BP than Dan's, so it will be more harmful for the skin after a long-term use. If I ever grow out of acne, will I be able to reverse the damage with antioxidants and other stuff, or will those only prevent future damage? Also, about the 4OZ container for sale on eBay: is that the type
  6. Here are all the moisturizer's I used that stain: Aveeno Ultra-Calming SPF 15 Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 15 Clean & Clear Morning Glow SPF 15 Cetaphil Daily SPF 15 Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF 15
  7. I have tried them all. All my shirts are stained. Is there any moisturizer out there that doesn't stain!? NO, it is NOT the BP. I have NO problem with BP staining my clothes. It is the moisturizers. They all leave a bright neon orange stain, especially around the collar. I guess it gets on there somehow.. maybe sweat or I wipe my face on it. I don't know, but it does. I have tested them on white paper. You can instantly see a bright orange stain appear on the paper. I have been on this regimen s
  8. "using toothpaste clears acne""masturbation causes acne""drinking milk causes break outs" - (in my opinion, food should never be taken into account to treat your acne. some people do extreme things like starve themselves and that's just stupid) using toothpaste clears acnemasturbation causes acnedrinking milk causes break outs - (in my opinion, food should never be taken into account to treat your acne. some people do extreme things like starve themselves and that's just stupid. milk is very he
  9. hi i have moderate acne and have been on the DKR since may 2006. recently i added Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil into my regimen before Dan's BP and it is a great boost in the bp's efectivness because jojoba oil carries the bp deeper into the pores allowing it to be more effective. it causes break outs and redness at first (just like starting the regimen completely does, since it's entering new areas) but soon goes away.
  10. organic oils are chemicals? i'm confused. maybe i'm not sure what i mean then.
  11. hi i was wondering if there are any natural regimens out there that are proven to be just as effective as Dan's regimen. i was thinking maybe something like cleanse with water only, then apply organic tea tree oil, then apply organic jojoba oil. if any member's here have a regimen they use that works and that's natural, let me know. thanks.
  12. ok thanks. i'll just mix the jojoba oil with a moisturizer. i need help finding one though. i need one with spf 15 and without added colors or dyes so it won't stain my clothes (i have no problem with bp staining my clothes, it is past experiences with moisturizers i have discovered). if anyone can point me in the right direction on this i'd really appreciate it. i don't wanna go through another horrible time in my life where all my clothes have orange stains all over them from moisturizers. tha
  13. First I cleans with Dan's cleanser, then I spread jojoba oil all over my face (even on unaffacted areas), then I apply BP mainly on affeected areas (but also on unaffected areas). I currently do not have a moisturizer. Is this a good regimen? It seems like it's working other than my face feels very scratchy; not flakey, but scratchy. Maybe I need to start moisturizing?
  14. i find that jojoba oil on my face before bp allows the bp to not only absorb deeper, but faster too. plus, you know when it's completely absorbed, well because you know how bp feels "tacky" when it's almost absorbed, well with jojoba first you still feel that, but then it just goes away completely and your left with only some jojoba on the top that's how you know it's all in there.
  15. I really want this. The description matches exactly what I have been looking for. There is one reason why I am not gonna buy it: the price!! http://911skin.com/b-kamins-matte-moisturizer-spf-15.html Maybe I would consider buying if it were more like 4 fl oz. ... but 1.7.. is just too little for how much it is. the main things i am looking for in a moisturizer are SPF 15, no oxybenzone for active sunscreen ingredient, fragrance-free, color-free/dye-free, non-comedongenic, and of course, cheap