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  1. kkirby117

    Accutane Journey

    Pictures to track my progress while taking Amnesteem
  2. Well, I haven't posted on here in forever and a day. But I figured I should update you all with my progress if there is anyone even reading these anymore. I am 31 or so weeks in to the process... I was supposed to be off of accutane in March but we extended it because I was still having a few breakouts a month (like a pimple here and there, nothing cystic). I have a pack and a half left to take and then I am stopping the pills. I have gone pretty far over my cumulative dose based on my weight so
  3. It has been a few weeks since I posted last time =/ I have been SO TIRED every day when I get off work that I come home and immediately pass out. I think the accutane is making me feel this way... A few things have changed since the last time I was on here. My doctor upped my dosage to 60 mg per day so that I could be done a bit sooner than expected. I am supposed to take one 20mg a day and one 40 mg a day separately. However, I have been having the hardest time remembering to take my pills
  4. I am a little bit late posting due to Black Friday but unfortunatley my breakouts have come back again, I guess for round two of an "initial breakout". At the beginning of week three I thought that my breakouts has cleared up some but it seems as if that was only temporary. Anywho, it'll clear up completely someday! I go back this Friday for my first appointment with my dermatologist since I've started accutane to see how my levels are and to take another pregnancy test so I can get my next pac
  5. Here we are, at the beginning of week 3! Time is flying by because I have been so busy! May should be here before I know it right?! <---- This is my positive outlook emoji haha Anywho, I have seen a noticeable difference between the breakouts I had last week and the ones I have this week. I had some nasty big bumps last week that have dried up this week and are just kinda reddish... As you can see in the gallery if you look. The inside of my nose still hurts as it is still the only
  6. Question? When you say four courses of Accutane do you mean four full treatments beginning to end or like 4 packs of it? Just wondering because I keep hearing that once I finish accutane I won't have to take it again. Hoping thats accurate... Also, I hope your regimen works for you! I know how bad acne sucks to have and not be able to get rid of. I've tried everything from A-Z with no success which is why I am trying accutane now. Good luck to you! And hope to hear from you!
  7. My boyfriend and I went to New Orleans for the Saints game this weekend and I woke up one night at the hotel and felt like I couldn't move my neck. Now, I am not sure if this is due to the accutane or if this bed at the hotel was just terrible, but either way it kind of freaked me out and I have heard that accutane will make your neck and muscles hurt. And also, with New Orleans comes drinking typically... I really toned it down this time though obviously (since I'm not trying to kill my liver)
  8. I think we are close on how long we have been on it. I just took my 11th pill tonight. I did think that sleeping on a certain side was my problem at one point but I sleep mostly on the side that is clear (or was-nothing is very clear now haha) And I wash my sheets like crazy especially my pillow cases... Its an OCD thing lol I know dirty sheets can break people out but I don't think thats why I was breaking out. My symptoms have been decent so far... I've been using so much lotion on my
  9. Well, I am officially one week in on my journey to clear skin! 7 pills down, 173 more to go! I have definitely experienced my initial breakout... But I just have to remind myself that this should be the last bad breakout that I ever have. Optimism is key. The left side of my neck is a war zone it seems Definitely won't be wearing my hair in a pony tail until this clears up. Weird thing is that the right side of my neck is completely clear. Is there a reason this is happening? As far a
  10. Thank you so much! That was very nice of you to say! I will keep all of that in mind. And for you, I say don't be scared. Its only going to last a few months and then it will be over forever!
  11. Yes! Cant believe I forgot to put that on my list... I've never believed that bc pills help with acne of this sort though. And they definitely haven't helped with my acne issues. I think bc might work for people with very few breakouts.
  12. I took my first pill of amnesteem today and I am pretty nervous about what will happen in the following weeks and months ahead. I have heard horror stories and I remember seeing some of my classmates in high school who were taking accutane and how bad their faces got. I found this site after visiting my dermatologist to try to get rid of my acne once and for all. He told me he wanted to put me on accutane since I had literally tried EVERYTHING under the sun and over the counter. Initially I tur
  13. Today is day one for me with taking Amnesteem and I am pretty nervous because of all of the stories I have heard mainly about how it will get way worse before it gets better. I have struggled with acne for so long and I have tried everything under the sun and over the counter etc. with no positive results. I am wanting to start a blog on here to so I can keep up with my progress throughout the medication but I can't figure out how to start the blog on here. Can anyone help me?