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    i <3 u, but not as much as i <3 gene simmons
  • Birthday 03/20/1992

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    detroit rock city, louisiana
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    hi im katie... my life source comes from music!! i play electric guitar, i love track (i throw discus and shotput), and i love to dance!! ... my type of music is classic rock, i adore horror movies and action movies..and movies like footloose...my idols are Sylvester Stallone, Gene Simmons, and Alice Cooper. i also look up to my sister Matti, and my brother Kurt. 4-wheelers rock, so do ak-47s and dried fruit. hugging trees is one of my favorite passtimes... and i love to draw and read about criminal psychology.... i only hate one thing... banjos....<br /><br />
  1. Hope all is well with you, kiddo.

    1. otay =)

      ive been pretty good!!

      howve you been?

      1. aww dont we all, theres another chat tho, pm jezerball so she can send u an invite, how are ya??

        1. i miss teh chat 3 lol

          1. wow. the chat was a place that i knew to always be open to talk to friends on here.. now its like i have no reason to come back to this site
          2. lol saying that about drowning yourself intentionally reminds me of the sandlot!!! lmao thats like the best movie ever

            1. I am gonna intentionally drown myself~ *two thumbs up*

              1. lol this summer im gonna be a life guard. theres gonna be a lot of blue kids hahhaa..

                im finally gonna get a tan on mah porcelain skin lol

                1. I've been working and stuff. And I hate working. Can I have some money now? It's for a good cause!

                  1. i know huh lol

                    whatve you been up to?

                    1. Long time no see! =)

                      1. Hey, hows it goin?