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  1. Nothing was ever stated or implied that one should live with acne. Of course one should seek to get their acne under control. This thread has been hijacked and has now become very confused.This thread was originally about the current impossibility of acne scar removal and the inevitable acceptance that we, as acne scar sufferers, must at some point come to terms with. I think it is wise to employ professional help during this acceptance, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and would be helpful
  2. Aquasea, If you don't mind, peddle your "naturalnews" propaganda over in the holistic health forum.
  3. Damn, even soup didn't work. Your acne must have been pretty bad. Your scarring looks very minor to me and judging from those photos its really only noticeable in the most oblique light. In most of the pictures I couldn't see anything. Your skin looks good.
  4. That's a nice anecdote about Danny England. The mechanism and etiology of particular types of scarring does make a difference. Traumatic wound scarring is very different from scarring due to infection. One is due to an immediate exogenous force, the other occurs endogenously over a protracted period of time. Add to this the fact that his scarring was very recent and likely still healing and not "set"when he began, leads me to believe that they had not become fully matured scars. So, it is more l
  5. I mentioned silicone because it is a permanent filler. Other fillers are not permanent. No, I have not had any silicone filling done. Please post a link to the clinical study that proves that the results are permanent. Long-term results can only be measured after a correspondingly long duration of time, yet you stated that "this method is brand new". Thus, no one has any long term experience with their results from enerjet treatments. I would see a red flag if my doctor told me that a brand
  6. My intention is to help, not hurt. Seek help for the emotional impact of the scarring. You will lose something if you convince yourself that you cannot live without normal looking skin and invest all of your hope in treatments, because if they fail, then what will you do. You won't be able to live.
  7. Some of our health struggles are genetically determined whereas others are epigenetically influenced. Unfortunately, at this point it can be very difficult to pinpoint the etiology of one's specific problems, in terms of differentiating between the two. Bryan's CVD issues (mini strokes) may have been genetically determined and therefore unaffected by diet, lifestyle, and/or supplementation. Another person's CVD (cardiovascular disease) may be due to lifestyle factors and therefore ameliorated by
  8. Scar sufferers have been saying this to themselves for hundreds of years...and the cure has always been just around the corner. Sometimes hope is just an insidious form of delusion...especially if it prevents the seeking of help in other areas because the "cure" will soon be here to take care of it. sunscision did nothing for me. Fillers are temporary, unless you want to live with silicone in your face and risk it getting lumpy over time. Unfortunately, I would bet anything that your scarrin
  9. But, what if you learned that it is possible for you not to care about acne scars. And what if, after learning this and gaining a fresh perspective, you realized that maybe others' do not, in fact, care about it as much as you had perceived. Do you think this may be a possibility?
  10. Eagerminer, with all due respect, I think you may be misunderstanding what I am saying. I am not talking about accepting this in terms of fatalistic resignation. I am talking about a deeper level of acceptance that will likely need to be fostered with some type of counseling or therapy as well as meditation. Personally, I recommend CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in concert with mindfulness meditation. Hence, there would no longer be isolating behaviors if you and your therapist were able to
  11. Yes, seek to learn to live with the scarring. Learning to integrate this into your life will ultimately be easier than altering the actual scarring itself, and will likely prove beneficial in other burdens in one's life. I'm glad for you that you have improved your scarring. While it may be possible for some to reach a degree of scar improvement that they are comfortable with, overall this is typically not possible for those afflicted with moderate+ scarring. From my decade and a half of treatme
  12. To all those battling acne scarring, I can only say that the best thing for you to do is to seek some counseling on learning how to integrate this devastation into your life and learning how to live/cope with it. There is nothing to remove scars and there are no satisfactory treatments. Our scars are permanent, life-long, and there is nothing we can do to change that. All that we can do at this point is learn to change our perception of them through therapy. I tried to remove my scars for 15 yea
  13. I am wondering what you guys think about what I came across tonight. Acne scars are not specifically mentioned, but I can't see why this may not help for some types of scarring including broad rolling scars. Let me know what you think... "The Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Reconstruction Procedure Fat is removed from any desired part on the body using specially designed instruments by a modified lipo-suction method. After the mini-lipo, stem cells found in the harvested fat are concentrated using a sp