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  1. THank you all for your support and information. I appreciate it all~
  2. I appreciate all you guys. Well my derm said they were scars.... AND my heart just dropped. Its really bumpy and indented and red and wierd looking around those areas. My right is alot worse than my left. And i just hate looking in mirrors and getting close to people. Am I making a bigger deal out of it than it really is?
  3. Wow!...Thank you all for your support and information. I appreciate every bit of it. So do you guys think that its bad scarring? I just want to be a normal kid again and wake up in the morning and have sumthing else on my mind.
  4. Sorry about the bad pictures, I did the best that i could with a crappy camera.. So they aren't that sever then? And they can be fixed? Its all thats been on my mind the past month i cant concentrate on anything else. The word scar keeps reoccuring in my mind... It so permement. Scares me
  5. Hey I have these scars on both my cheeks and I don't really know How they got there. Over my couple years of using acne medicines i developed these red spots on both my cheeks.... I thought they would just fade with time, but then they turned into scars... I guess rolling scars.... How bad is bad....are they permenent, are they really sever? If only i could figure how to put pictures up
  6. PLus im not even close to the age of 30
  7. LOL, I do it all the time, Like in the car when we go to pick some girls up, I will always put my bad side toward window, so she wouldnt see it in the car.....Glad to hear that we aren't alone
  8. I would but I dont know how to add an IMage
  9. I have like blotches of red marks on both my cheeks, they are ripply in feel and look like crap.....never really had acne in these areas.....Scares me to death that they will stay this way forever....anybody got any ideas on what it could be.. PERmenent redness? please help...should i put moisturizer on them or what?
  10. I've been on differin for about 3 months now with cetaphile Anti bacterial bar as a cleanser and dynacin 100 MG twice a day. ITs been working fairly well.... Only one problem, I have these red blotches on both of my cheeks, not from previous acne, but from when I was on retin A about a year ago.....they seem to just stay there and the skin on them is kind of ripply like almost a burn, but they don't hurt, just look horribly...What should I do, please help!
  11. i was previously on retina for about 8 months and i put a little bit of differin on last night at most of the white heads went down and the red swelling around the rest of my active ones went down as well....GOod sign? PLus my doctor prescribed my dynacin 100mg 2 times a day.... Thanks for all your guys help...Its a tough world out there
  12. I hate to tell you this, but ive been on retin a for over a year.....still patches of red all over face....went to new derm and got presribed differin....but u may be different and the redness will end in the next month....i say give it a couple more weeks....keep at it
  13. Yeah do you guys think that since ive already went through all that crap with peeling and intial break out with retin a that i wont go throught it with differin....and same thing here i used to have pale skin with 4 .5 zits and i went to derm cus my sis had bad acne and i didnt want to go throught that and i used retina and hell since then....so i went to new derm and he said try differin...im still scared