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  1. Oh I am so sorry guys - January has been a particularly crazy month....! So in my last post it was end of week 8 and I have seen some great results. Really, the only thing that I have to deal with now is the scarring. Mine is so bad from all the awful blemishes and my complete inability to NOT mess with them.... As I can't exfoliate or use any products that encourage peeling etc. I will just have to let time run it's course. I did think about perhaps using BioOil, as people seem to see res
  2. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 8

    my lips don't sting at all, just really dry and flaky, so i'm constantly using lip balm - the best one I've got is the Nivea Essential one, it's perfect. My face isn't ashy or flaky, if I don't moisturize then yes I can see a few scales here and there but I'm religious with my creams morning and night. No active acne since ending my initial breakout 10 days in, apart from one small spot early last week that went away very quickly What dosage are you on? More than 40mg?
  3. Hola All, Merry Christmas!! I hope you all celebrated in style with lots of family and loved ones! My apologies - I have missed Week 7 as I have been on holiday in China over Christmas and a lot of websites are banned there, including this one! However I am pleased to say that all is still going well with the treatment. I am starting to notice more severity in the side effects, my hands are starting to crack and I'm having to moisturise them as much as my lips...(accutane still has N
  4. Hello All, So I mentioned before that I was going to see my Derm this week to see where I was with my treatment etc. looks like my body is taking accutane very well, as my side effects are not as severe as what most people go through. 1. My initial breakout was a couple of big cysts, only lasting for just less than two weeks. Apparently some people can suffer from IB for a month. However, she did say that this can be curbed with antibiotics and it's rare that it should last that long -
  5. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 5

    thank you i am so pleased, still quite a bit of scarring but patience is a virtue (and all that...) but no active acne!
  6. Hello All, So, I feel confident enough to post a pic...before my roaccutane treatment began (check out that STONKER on my foehead!) and after 5 weeks. Happy to say that the results are great ! Still on the same skincare regime and not experiencing any flakiness on my face or dryness - so Body Shop's Vitamin E range is perfect for me. Seeing my derm this week for my first follow up appt, quite excited to hear her advice on my prescription, if she'll bump me up to 60mg a day. Still no
  7. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 3

    i feel the embarrassment pain... but they have gone now! and face looking better! so hopefully it's uphill from here - thank you for the support, so good to hear that people have gone through the same and come out on top
  8. Hello All, Week 4 on 40mg is done and dusted and I'm proud to say that things are looking up ! Big cysts have gone (I won't lie, when the bugger eventually popped...it was not pretty..) - they have left a dark mark, but these will fade in time, patience is a virtue. My face is SO SMOOTH, it's wonderful ! Once again, no major side effects, skin elsewhere on my body is fine, hands not dry really. Just lips and eyes that I struggle with, but just have to keep the drops and balm on me AT
  9. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 3

    haha, indeed...! hopefully for not much longer!!! I had one similar on my jawline last week and it's gone down a bit now, so hopefully by next week this bugger will do the same!
  10. Apologies, normally I update this on a Friday - little late this week... But I have successfully completed week 3 of my course, one week on 40mg and the side effects are definitely there: - I don't even have to re=powder my make-up, there is literally NO oil on my face. No flaking (yet) as I have read from other peoples experiences and no redness either (I'm sure I have all of that to look forward to!). - There has been an explosion of black heads around my t-zone area and my nose
  11. So earlier this week I posted a half way post mid-week 2...still not sure if I was experiencing the initial breakout, or not, since most of the reviews I've read don't mention it until week 3...which I'm just about to embark on! Upped my dosage to 40mg today and will keep it so for another month before seeing my derm for a blood test and update on the treatment. I have switched my moisturiser to 'simple everyday moisture' as it's a little less oily and I don't think that the accutane ha
  12. Well, I seem to have a flurry of new spots come up, mostly on my right cheek. Not totally out of the ordinary for me but normally I wouldn't get this many in one go. That being said, they come up fast, whitehead fast, and then leave pretty fast... One thing I can't determine is whether it's the roaccutane or my moisturiser that's causing the havoc. I switched to a La Roche Posay Effaclar H, after my derm recommended the range. However, the cream has shea butter in it, and that since it's oil
  13. Hello Guys & Girls, So, like many of the people on Acne.org, I have decided to start a week by week diary of my experience with Accutane. I had so many questions and concerns before starting the course, and I probably drove my Derm a little nuts with all of my endless questioning. I must have been on every site to do with acne and skin just to find out as much as possible as I could about other experiences with this so called 'miracle cure'. A little background, I have suffered