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  1. Hi fellow women and acne-sufferers, Long a** post ahead. I know that there is a massive thread on the horror stories of women explicating the brutal aftermath of quitting the Pill for good, but thought I'd share my own story since it's been an emotional rollercoaster for me, one of the most life-changing decisions (physically, mentally, emotionally) for me up until this time in my life. I'm a 26-year old female, who was on the pill (and have extensive logs in my post history of beginning
  2. That thing on my chin I was talking about yesterday, it was gone in the morning uber happy
  3. If I cover up the rest of my face, and just look at my chin, it looks like I have acne again. 4 pimples on it now, all the same size, not too big, not too small either. This week has been horrible. i was just reading through some of my old posts...and a few days ago, I had to take out my bellybutton ring cause it might have gotten infected I hope next week is better for everything.
  4. F-u-c-k! So I got my first breakout since being clear for several months on yasmin and minocycline. first REAL breakout, should I say! Fucking hormonal chin acne, and I haven't seen so much as a speck of a whitehead on that area since on the BCP.......So yea, one ugly, HUGE, painful cyst on my chin (last time I had one of those was last summer), 2 small zits right next to it on my chin, and some other whiteheads, like on my forehead or right below my nose. this sucks ass man, I hope the anti
  5. So the problem is, I'm all out of minocycline (I take one 100mg, once per day) and there are 0 refills left on my prescription. I've been calling my derm and my doctor and the pharmacy but they can't do anything about it, and chances are I won't get any more minocycline until TUESDAY....Saturday, Sunday, Monday, no pills to take! I'm about to have a nervous breakdown right now, because I'm CLEAR right now, but I know if I don't have any antibiotics, I will get cysts that will take months to ge
  6. Well this is how it works... Monday morning you wash your hands but monday night you don't need to wash your hands but tuesday it is better to wash your hands since Tuesday is right before hump day, but in the night you shouldn't wash your hands because you will get dandruff and then on hump day, wash your hands a lot lot lot to wash away the beginning of the week and remember friday, dont wash your hands and Sunday, the day of sabbath some people like to rest instead of washing their hands, bu
  7. Ok if I die, it's your fault. =D

  8. Mark will I die if I use MSN too much?

  9. Yes, as the phone call I received earlier informed me, ---->After popping a pimple, You Have Seven Days. Mark, you're a hoot.
  10. Yasmin does do something for my oily skin. 1 week each month, my skin gets super dry, and a bit flaky if I don't exfoliate well (which I never do). I go to school during this week, and I only use at maximum 2 blotting sheets during the entire day. Which week? The "white, reminder pill" week...........the week I have my period. Sucks that it can't be the whole month! Skin still clear . . . I don't remember what a real zit is like. I don't remember what it's like to pop one. I'm on the cl
  11. This is totally unrelated to acne, but I got my belly button pierced today! And whoever tells you it doesn't hurt or just feels like a "pinch" is probably a sadist...pinch my ass, damn! What's painless is the lobes, getting those pierced...naval, absolutely not! And the needle is HUGE! It didn't even look like a needle, it looked like a pencil....But now that the pain is over, I love how, now, everyone looks at my belly button instead of my feet (people normally look down cause I'm 5ft10 a