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  1. PollyLena


    Ello ello I began writing a blog about my accutane experience on here a couple of years ago, but I stopped writing after the second week Which I now regret, as I am starting on course number 2, and would have really loved to have a reference longer than 2 weeks to look back on! I stopped taking accuatane the first time round after 4 months, and I guess it was too soon. I had cleared up so incredibly well and all my scars had even faded and I felt incredible. Then a few months ago I began b
  2. PollyLena

    Week 2

    Hiya. This has felt like a really, really long week. Because the side effects weren't hitting me much, I decided to up my dosage to 30mg/day instead of the 20/30 alternate day system. The heinous breakout on the left side of my face which prompted me to start with roaccutane continues to get better, with only one huge new spot. I've had a few small zits popping up all over the rest of my face, but that's as far as it's gone in terms of new break outs. It's lucky but still incredibly irritat
  3. Hiya! So I've decided to take up writing a blog for the duration of my roaccutane treatment, I've never written one before so we'll just see how this goes... I was extra nervous about starting the treatment because I go to an outdoor education school up in arctic Norway, so the thought of the super dry, cold air PLUS accutane for my skin, as well as living in 24 hours of darkness for 2 months coupled with the depressive side effects of the drug... That made me nervous. Not to mention I've