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  1. Hi, Here's the breakdown of needles, The first number are the amount of needles attached to the needle bar. The second number is the closeness of the needle and how close they are soldered to the tip. A "1" needle tip is pinched together and soldered close together to make a liner, the "3" is soldered around a 1/4" from the tip and a "4" or "5" is soldered around 1/2" from the tip. So with a 4 or 5, you can spread the meedles.The third number indicates the thickness of the needle. A"00" is aro
  2. Hi, The information given to you is great bet there are a couple of comments that need better clarification. The "Dermaroller" and Environ Roll CIT system has been horribly compromised with copies that are totally inferior. Bssically, the needles broke off or bent. If you feel you have to use the rolling system stick with the dermaroller. It has a better assortment of needles. But now you say your scars are around 1 to 2 mm. The problem with the rolling system is that the needles are spaces
  3. Hi, Wow,$600 bucks for a tattoo artist to do less than an hour of work. That's sick. Here's my view. First, a "tattoo/permanent makeup artist generally have limited needles that might be appropriate. Rotary machines have the least appropriate needles to use. The thing is that needles used in tattooing are very close together to carry pigment and only penetrate into the upper layer of the dermis and the needles are designed to go only to that level (.35mm). Any deeper, the skin gets trashed. Y
  4. Hi, I'd like to address some of your situations. "white bumby scars on my back" The white means you have no pigment cells in the damaged area. Not too much you can do there. The bumps have a great possibility of being reduced. This can be done manually with a loose tattoo needle (8.4.00). And seperate the needles with floss. "I have a lot of purple/red scars" Discoloration can last a long time. But sometimes the dermis is damaged and the reason of the discoloration is caused bcause you are ac
  5. HI, Bleaching creams are OK for hyperpigmentation. You could use some needling to help your scarring. I've seen some great results with needling. This is not saying it's 100% but it makes a nice difference. Have it done using a manual method using spaced needles. Wait 3-4 months to see if you need it again. Best Wishes Frank
  6. Hi, Considering the various levels of doseage available, our approach is to be conservitive. But here is a guidline from a plastic surgery site. It can be applied to needling: "Retin-A before laser resurfacing or a chemical peel: Retin-A has been shown to improve and speed up healing following various resurfacing techniques (chemical peels, laser). Thus, healing quicker means less likely to scar and less likely to develop pigmentation abnormalities. Therefore, if you are having laser resurfaci
  7. HI! I'm still around. I always take calls and e-mails. E-mails take longer though. You can contact me at 845-225-0400 or at [email protected] You can also post in acne.org and maybe someone else may benefit from your questions. Best Wishes Frank
  8. HI, Would like to address a few things. About the redness. This can be modified through needling. However, the color will change into a white scar. Still better than red. Permanent Makeup is not always the answer. As someone mentioned, it’s difficult to match the color. Also, if you match your winter color, in summer when you tan, the scar will still be lighter as they don’t tan. So you still see the scar. But here is the down side, pigments fade. And when they fade, the color becomes unbal
  9. I wouldnt buy anything from the hardware store, but I get what you'r saying.
  10. HI, When a wound occurs, if the surrounding tissue is not re-approximated properly, the gap in the wound is filled in with collagen which turns into scar tissue. In acne, scarring starts at the wall of the incident and is somewhat filled in as it heals. Now we know that wounds heal and become re-epitheilized (thin tissue) and in a lot of cases say white (hypopigmentated). Here’s the reason…. Skin cells (kerotinocytes) migrate towards the direction of the wound, but pigment cells (melanocy
  11. Hi Again, This comment really got my attention..... "I guess your scars are not too deep eh? thats why they didn't scab." The needling should absolutely not scab!!!! There is no reason to scab unless the procedure is invsive. Scabbing is an indication that the epidermis has been trashed therefore requiring a scab to protect the damaged area. Where does everyone get the idea that scabbing is good?? Most tattoo needles are made to ONLY penetrate through the epidermis into the connective tissue b
  12. Hi Chrissy, The situation you have with the “white pimples†might be an allergic reaction. Discontinue the Aftercare and switch to aquafore. Here’s a link to one other person that had a reaction. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=65207 Love to hear your posts. Best Wishes Frank
  13. HI Here is a littli info I found on Retin-a From http://allaboutplasticsurgery.com/retin-a.html Benefits: Retin-A can erase or seriously improve fine to medium-depth wrinkles and diminish discolorations by increasing the metabolism of the skin, in turn, causing the dead, outer layer to shed which allows the skin to return to normal structure and thickness. Risks: Retin-A can sensitize your skin to the sun because it stimulates the skin to shed, you will lose some of that dead outer layer whi
  14. Needling works on most scars including ice picks. We have needled lots of ice picks nd the results were really good. One client got a 40-50% improvement with one service. He also went for cross 4 times and got a 50-60% improvement. It worked really well for him. Typically you will notice and improvement in 3-4 month on acne scars. On more extreme work 5-6 months. On the first service we always expect to see some improvements. And the second service we expect to see more. Now, not all scars he