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  1. which product are you using? i had a lot of success w/ blackheads after switching to gow 15% non-alcohol.
  2. i got the 15% non-alcohol from garden of wisdom and though i am using it along with ystheal gel and was using nucelle 10% before it, i am pretty sure it has made a substantial difference. i just wouldn't recommend the nucelle 10% for blackhead removal, i don't think it's strong enough.
  3. is it possible that they look larger because they're cleaner, ie they were clogged before and now the gunk that was making them appear closed has been removed?
  4. has anyone had good success with garden of wisdom non-alcohol 10 or 15%? i think the algae exctract in the nucelle may be causing problems but i'm not sure.
  5. wow, that's an incredibly rude thing to say. and if you look at the recent pics in her gallery i think she looks great.
  6. hey sarah - you might want to read this http://makeupalley.com/user/notepad/tetrakis/ (scroll down). it contains a lot of interesting info about various retinoids. green cream does not come off too well. you might want to look into something like diacneal if you're feeling a bit desperate - it's very powerful but probably has a lot of potential for irritation (as with any retinoid). i decided to go with ystheal gel because i'm already using mandelic acid, and it's supposed to be as potent as gly
  7. my mistake, i misread. you can definitely use it with just a cleanser, although i too have just added a retinoid. it sounds like your pore problem may be similar to mine - i have very large pores on my cheeks that look like lots and lots of little scars. afaik, nothing can be done about them. it sounds like you have problems with whiteheads. i'm not really sure what the best product for those are, or how effective ma is against them...i would think a retinoid would be the best bet actually but
  8. you can't use it as a cleanser - well you can buy a mandelic acid cleanser but i wouldn't recommend it. it's a leave on product that you apply after cleansing. there is definitely no guarantee for results. i have been using nucelle 10% for one month now with no change for the better in blackheads, pores, pimples, etc. it is however quite mild and is unlikely to mess your skin up. it may be that the nucelle is just not as potent as the more astringent ones like garden of wisdom or vivant, but
  9. accutane is going to do nothing for your red spots and neither is bp. those are just marks that will fade over time. your actual acne sounds very mild to me, it sounds like the regimen youre on is working great. there are some products around that can increase the speed at which red marks fade but i'm not sure what the best are.
  10. what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? if i were mostly concerned with zapping blackheads, i'm assuming the gel has the higher potency. but if i were to put it over my entire face, since i have pretty sensitive skin i guess the lotion would be a better bet?
  11. no problem! if you decide to order, here's what you have to do: use internet explorer, register an account, then try to log in. if you see a blank page, close it and log in again. you should see your account info. THEN you can shop, and hopefully will be able to order your product. if not, be persistent, it took me multiple tries to get through and i'm still not sure i did because i never got a confirmation email. but supposedly they are very reliable and fast and have good customer service, it
  12. my skin is pretty sensitive and after reading up more on green cream i'm pretty sure it's not for me. ystheal causes less irritation and purging but seems to get superior results and is reportedly even capable of reducing redness. so i'm much more comfortable trying that. i haven't received the green cream but when i do i plan on shipping it right back. i haven't tried the clear skin regimen because i have many more problems than just pimples that bp would be no good for - blackheads, irritated
  13. that sounds like sebhorreic dermatitis to me (sp?). i have recently read that mild retinols are supposed to zap that, but they are expensive. you might try diroseal or ystheal from avene but they're difficult to find and you have to order them internationally from canada or europe - it'll cost about 50 bucks. i tried ordering from www.tubotica.com tonight but i'm not sure it went through, they have serious problems with their checkout system. hopefully someone else can give you better and cheap
  14. well, i've already realized i made a mistake with the green cream. i'm going to try to return it, and try to order either avene ystheal gel or another product from avene called diroseal. they both contain .05% retinaldehyde, which is supposed to be stronger but somehow less irritating than retinol and has been used with some success on rosacea patients. the diroseal is specifcally formulated to reduce redness but from what i can tell results there are fair at best (it doesn't seem to cause ANY i
  15. well i caved and ordered the green cream. if it works at reducing bumps and acne and evening out skin tone, great - if not, well, 40 bucks down the drain. i'm definitely going to take it slow, start out every other day at most, with mandelic once a day tops.