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  1. Links, please? Even so, I am highly skeptical. I've had enough experience with this condition (and been scarred by it) to witness firsthand that in all likelihood, acne is borne out of the gut microbiota. In my opinion, it is why diet, of all things, is the thing that helps to some degree. I don't think that's by chance. This is because the microbiota is shaped in large part by diet. It is generally understood that western diets reduce microbiota diversity. That's called LOMD. W
  2. Thus far, dietary modifications and other facial cleansers are the primary ways to treat acne. I have a feeling that this disease won't progress until microbiota research itself does. And that may be a long, long time. It's been my experience that no matter what products you use - while they may indeed help some - that acne comes from a place of internal inflammation. A question I've always had is: why does acne always "win"? It seems like no matter what you eat or do, acne resurface
  3. A lot less stress and more time focusing on shit that matters. But i've been able to see acne for what it is - a disease with roots in the gut. And science will confirm that sooner or later. If I had known earlier in life what I know now about the microbiota, my whole way of life may have been different if I'd taken it seriously sooner. It's hard to know. But what I do know is that if you're looking to fuck up your gut, then the american way of eating can do so with unparalelled effi
  4. It can help you develop a better character and be less judgemental I suppose but for the most part acne just sucks dick. I do agree with the thought that inflammation can only really be a bad thing. There's no benefit to chronic inflammation which is probably unnecessary. To the people who say it's a normal thing, I say: acne is classified as a disease. No matter how minor or severe, the condition we know as acne is not how the skin normally should be.
  5. Damn bro, that's wicked. Don't know what to say, other than good luck.
  6. Almost looks like a light case of impetigo.
  7. Antioxidants are beneficial for acne to the extent that they help prevent oxidative damage to sebum which ultimately allows P. acnes to colonize pores. This is fairly accurate. Only part of the story though. To those people talking about supplements, I have another post on Niacin. Basically, Glutathione is an antioxidant that is already produced by the body. Another pathway, parallel to cell glycolysis, the pentose phosphate pathway helps regenerate it through the formation of Nicoti
  8. Nonsense. Acne was around in the days before TV and computers became so common. There are studies dating back to the 1930's, etc. Hell, the use of probiotics to treat the condition go that far back. It is nothing new. Don't think too hard on this one. Aside from the advent of Accutane and maybe a few other things, for the most part we are at a standstill with acne and the treatment strategies we use today differ little from the ones used nearly a century ago. Though docto
  9. I think you'll find people are fairly accepting. Even though I still have some scarring, it's not been too bad. At this point, I'm literally pulling out of a new girl almost every single week, sometimes more than one. If I can do it, you can too. What's done is done, focus on maximizing what you can. The worst thing you can do is get down on yourself and ruminate. That won't ever change the scarring. Yeah, the pain is still there, but you just gotta move forward. It's the
  10. The microbiota that eventually develops within the gut is passed from mother to child. Diet later influences said microbes as does environment. Though I'd say diet is probably the strongest influence on gut microbes. With many of our microbes being obligate anaerobes, they are largely not exposed to external environmental factors, so our own dietary intake is what I'd say for the most part shapes them. Bottom line: we take antibiotics for this condition. That points to a stronger mic
  11. It's been said that Vitamin C is typically helpful for that. I'd also throw in Zinc as well.
  12. Acne is indeed a disease. However, it is not genetic. I strongly believe that. People do all sorts of stuff to "cure" it but it won't work. Diet is effective, no doubt. But, it's not a cure-all. Nor is anything else you will find in any store or on these boards. It is extremely probable that acne has its roots in the gut microbiota. There are countless reasons I could list as to why that's true, but anyone who's been around this for long enough eventually comes to terms w
  13. It looks like you're drying out and peeling. How often to do you wash? EDIT: ah, nevermind. Re-read the post. In my experience though, I don't really notice a clear distinction between "hormonal" acne or any other type of acne. Acne is acne, and it's bullshit.
  14. Fair enough. You could always send one via IM if that worries you. But the reason I say to do that is because sometimes people are way more critical of themselves than other people are. There are actually a lot of really good looking women who think they aren't. Maybe it's the high beauty standards in modern society that gives women so much insecurity. But you may not really have all that much to worry about, honestly.
  15. I've said before, acne can really deliver a hit to your self-confidence. But since none of us know what sort of situtation you're dealing with, can you post a recent pic?