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  1. when i first started taking B5 i didn't get an initial break out...but i also didn't get much clearer either. then about a month ago i broke out really bad, and since then i haven't gotten any new pimples. i guess i had a delayed response to B5 or something :?
  2. i am like 99.99% clear. i use both products twice a day with no moisturizer. but, i am also on 9 grams of B5 a day. i've been doing this for about two months now.
  3. well, i have been on 9 grams of B5 for about two months. i was starting to lose hope in B5 because untill recently my acne only got a little better than it was before i started B5. then all of a sudden my acne cleared almost 100%. i got a delayed initial break-out, i guess you could call it, about three weeks ago and since then my acne is pretty much gone. if you are going to start off on 2 grams of B5 a day it will probably take a looong time to get clear. you should just go 10 grams untill
  4. you should work your way down from 10 grams, not work your way up from 1 gram. i would reccomend you to stay on 10 grams for 90 days. after that, lower your dose one gram every two weeks and see how low you can go without breaking out again or getting oily...or both. when you find the right amount i guess you just stay on that til you eventually grow out of acne #-o
  5. thanks for the feed back =D</sarcasm> well i have decided to buy this stuff and give it a try. i'll let you guys know how it goes.
  6. when i first saw this product i thought it was too good to be true. what do you guys think about it? (below is copy and pasted from www.acnemiracle.com) ACNICURE GEL -100% NATURAL ingredients -Has ( 8 ) powerful acne fighters -Contains 5% NIACINAMIDE -Clears acne lesions FAST! -Breakthrough formula -Fortified w/ anti-aging nutrients -This gel has no equal -Highest quality ingredients -Highest potency available -No harmful side effects $16.77 (plus S/H) Size: 1.45 oz.
  7. the only side effects i have is the neon piss and dry hair. i also have been sleeping longer and deeper lately, too, but that is not like a negative side effect, unless you don't like sleeping for 12 hours straight
  8. B5 has actually seemed to take away my energy. i am always tired and i feel more lazy than usual. but on the contrary to having trouble getting to sleep, i sleep about 12 hours if i am not woken up by something.
  9. well i have been sleeping on my back for the past few days and it seems to be working! i have not gotten any new pimples on my chin. yay. now i just have to get rid of these subborn old ones ](*,) and dare i say it? i shall be acne free! :knock on wood: