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  1. i'm currently trying to make an emergency appointment with my doctor because i think accutane has effed up my eyes beyond repair...it's really scary. i didnt really get any other side effects whie taking accutane, but i would say that if you do decide to take it, make sure you are ALWAYS looking for signs of those serious side effects cause i didnt connect the blurred vision to the accutane for about 1-2 months after it started happening all i can say is, it's definitely a dangerous drug!
  2. i took doxycycline too before eventually going on accutane. all it does is kill all your good and bad bacteria...honestly, it just made my stomach hurt and did a little for my appearance. if you only get breakouts of one pimple every week, id say you and i are in the same boat and you shouldnt even worry about it! i know thats not exactly what you wanted to hear, but being a previous doxy user myself, all i can say is that i wouldn't take it anymore.
  3. so, i finished taking a form of accutane mid january and maybe 1-2 months prior to the end of my treatment, i noticed that one of my eyes would get pink and irritated about once every week. Usually, this went away after a day. I've been off accutane for over a month and all of the meds should be out of my system by now. this morning, the eye that normally never got pink, turned almost blood red in some places. i know that blurriness of vision and blindness have sometimes occurred in patients usi
  4. GEEZ! i got my hair cut today and i can never get the stylist to let me skip out on the shampoo! i washed my hair this morning...ugh, anyway, they always get their soapy hands all over the sides of my face and forehead. it takes a lot of my makeup off and it makes me paranoid because im kind of paranoid about the shit that touches my face (im sure yall can relate). also, when she was blow drying my hair, she blew all of wet hair onto my face with all those icky chemicals. i wanted to constantly
  5. my boyfriend cheated on me and didnt tell me for 4 months. needless to say i felt like an idiot and were still together. i have to say, though, that its incredibly hard for me to begin to try and trust him again. you, of course, have every right to be angry and she has every right to feel crappy, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt eventually forgive her. it puts your mind at ease. im not saying give her a second chance; just forgiveness.
  6. 1983: im taking 40mgs and the dry skin isnt a problem. matt: i put aquaphor on my lips and as long as i remember to do that, its all good. its just all this psychological crap.
  7. so i started taking accutane about two weeks ago, and now i feel more depressed than ive felt in a long while. its probably not just because the IB is sort of happening--i can feel that its different from regular depression. part of my mind knows its because of the tane and another part of me wants to let it take over. i cry over stupid shit now. i honestly dont really even have the worst acne...i just cant keep coming up with radical excuses for missing work. my boyfriend thinks i should stop t
  8. im not actually on accutane yet, but ive started the month-long 2 form birth control thing--basically, my point is that i think my brain is gloating to my acne that it will soon be non-existant...so my face is freaking out and getting out whatever it can while theres still time. ive decided not to care so much about it anymore, though. like, im trying this new thing where i dont run to the bathroom 20 times during a shift--if i looked fucked up, nobodys said anything, so why should i care? also,
  9. aww...id feel sort of bad too, but its not like what he said wasnt warranting some sort of angry reaction. Parents can be realy naive about this stuff, so the best thing to do is just educate them; tell him its not always face-touching that causes acne.
  10. ok, so ive never gotten cortisone injections before, but this weekend im meeting my boyfriends parents for the first time. ive heard theyre nuts and his mom is super mean. anyway, like i dont have enough stress with school ending, a mandatory trip to colorado, and grad school application deadlines fast approaching. so yeah, i get two really painfull bumps ( possible cysts) in that delicate area just below the bottom lip, to the right of my chin. i go to the doctor and they say a nurse will shoot
  11. i thought so...do they do something to the aloe vera stuff they sell in stores? if its 100% aloe vera it should be the same thing, right? maybe im just being naive. i just dont want to kill the poor thing breaking pieces off every day.
  12. im used to constantly battling acne, but as of late im actually sort of acne-free. now ive got hella bad red marks (all over my face--very red!). i mean, its not THAT hard to cover the marks with makeup until hopefully time helps them fade, but ive seen people write about store bought aloe vera gel and i am thinking about giving it a go. i have an aloe vera plant so i was thinking of just breaking off a bit of that and rubbing it on my face. will this yield better results than the store stuff or
  13. so maybe about two months ago, i made a post about not being able to sleep over at my boyfriends house cause he would see me without makeup on. we are so in love and i didnt want my ugly skin to change that. actually, the differin cleared me nearly completely, BUT ive got red marks from hell. he started getting frustrated with me last night cause i wouldnt sleep over the whole night (it made logical sense to do so seeing as id have to be there in three hours anyway to take him to class) and i
  14. this is the point my skin is at now. i can cover up stuff with make-up, but my boyfriend wants to get an apartment with me which means id have to have my makeup off in front of him. was accutane the only thing that healed your red marks or did you use something in conjunction with it? thanks for any help.
  15. PERFECT ADVICE! my boyfriend and i are in love and we've briefly discussed kids/marraige/moving in together, BUT we understand that the future is just that. plus, when theres no stress over who feels this or who wants that, it makes love the most beautiful thing in the world.
  16. HA! your derm sounds crazy awesome! i think untimately it was the perm that did it for me. oh yeah, id totally hit that. on a less disturbing note, my derm is an empathetic blonde woman in her 30s. shes always super nice and shell start to tear up if i cry about my acne. i love that she feels my pain.
  17. id finally buy that plane ticket and travel the world with my boyfriend. we could bum around europe and i wouldnt be self conscious at all. swim, camp, have a pajama party, cry, etc.
  18. id also find ways to have people standing on my good side. i eat lunch in the basement of my church across the street from my work. i dont put my head under water at the pool, i just throw my head back and get my hair wet while no ones looking so they dont know im crazy. when im putting on my makeup, i wash my hands every ten minutes or so. i use toilet paper to dry my face and hands because im afraid washcloths will have too much bacteria in them. i go to the bathroom to check on my face
  19. my boyfriend works on bikes all damn day and then decides its ok to touch all up on my face without washing his hands. he thinks im being too paranoid, but HELLO?! its not paranoia, just some good ol common sense. at least they mean`well.
  20. i dont EVER do drugs, but sometimes when i get kinda drunk (and yes, i know alcohol is technically a drug, but i basically mean things you smoke), ill get a little carried away. if i didnt hang around people who have access to this bad stuff, id be fine. unfortunately, i know some people who know some people, etc. i was really starting to see results with this doxy/differin, but when i got home a couple minutes ago, i felt a whole butt-load of painful bumps under my makeup. hurt to take it off l
  21. thankfluly right now my acne isnt predominantly cystic. my doc put me on yaz also, but im afraid of accutane. anyway, if the birth control even sort of clears up those whiteheads, ill be happy. thanks for the input.
  22. oh labgirl, you and i have very similar acne. in those pictures, yours looks a little better than my current situation, but i get a butt-load of little whiteheads on my cheeks and jaw-line accentuated by the happy fat ones that never seem to go away. today my doctor put me on birth control. im a new member, but i think youre a derm, right? do you think this method would work for the type of acne we have...or better yet, have you tried it yourself?