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  1. honey is nt effective treatment for acne. at all. and noone should wait those 2 million months just to tell it doesnt work for another unnecessary time rly
  2. err those r forhead wrinkles nt scars lel for a scientific example personally they come and go for me since p much 11 yrs old so myea? nd ofc i hv no idea nor care wtf causes them other than making faces extendedly, then next moment repairs them again, so i think u should b worying abt ur nose, cheeks, skin overall, faceal oval, proportions, symetry, features etc nope? nt smh so insignificant as tht? besides ur nt a gurl to hv such smooth facey either dude, u do not need it nd shall not get
  3. yes howwwww??? wht did u doo???? omggg tell please!!!
  4. i dnt get y should u need to wait 2 insane months to finally tell it dnt work? give it few days, max week but months?? r u everyone for real here lol? there ws even a guy who ws using the same product for 10 yrs n wondering y it doesnt work, i mean LMAO!!111
  5. idk wht ur talking abt bt lol ur hapy i still hv acne? hah mkkkkk : P i dnt rly remember man tbh bt it didnt work for m n i dnt rly hv time for being patient n stuff hm i wonder wts tht ur controversial method tho?
  6. lmao i remember u dude from ~3 yrs ago, do u still have acne??? what was ur diet all tht time and now? nd sry bt vinegar is p useless...
  7. u have to use green tea asap after 2-3 minutes of brewing it and drink/use it i think in 3-5 minutes, bcs after this time it becomes toxic or something like that..
  8. well im seriously doubting the whole dermarolling even works at all tbh... it just doesnt seem effective whatsoever bcs u have to like wait million years for collagen to restore and realistically its such a slim layer it probably doesnt even counts and give any effect at all so dermarolling sucks.