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  1. The owner/creator of this website. :dan: oh, the regimen, which i actually use and i like a lot. anyway, maybe from that pic, but i look nothing like the guy, lol.
  2. Thanks. I will probably go ahead w/ those peels come fall and see where that gets me. Also, who the hell is Dan?!? lol
  3. like i said, i do not think they are bad nor do i feel bad over it, but it is something that i know is there and they bother me to a certain extent. if i can better it in anyway possible, than i would like to do so. i think i will try another set of peels to see what happens. i will have to wait till summer is over tho because i visit the beach a lot and that would be no good w/ peels.
  4. ok, so they are not THAT bad, but they still bother me. I really do not have much ACNE left, maybe once in a while I will get a pimple, but these scars bother the SHIT out of me. They actually look a lot worse in these pics because I tried to get them under the best lighting to stand out in hopes for some help. I have used Glycolic acid before, but nothing great has come of it. What else can I do? Here is the pic. <img src=http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/905/dsc03524tc8.jpg>
  5. its def. not a breakthough. i have been working out for quite some time now and if anything it aggravates acne. this is especially true for body acne. even my derm said it quite some time back that working out actually aggravates acne. i myself no longer have bad acne or redmarks even, but i am going back to when i was 18-21 and worked out 5 times a week - it didnt help my skin at all.
  6. yea, im doubting they are pimples, since they have been there for as long as i can remember. everyone thinks they are pimples when i have my shirt off, or a wife beater on. i am going to have to go to a derm to have them checked out.
  7. i have no clue. once again, my acne was not that bad, so im not saying it was like the miracle cure. the pic posted is from 2yrs ago and the new one is from 4 days ago. just showing how much my skin has changed in the past 2 years. also, i had very mild acne where i would usually just get small pimples here and there, with the ocassional MONSTER every now and then. its alot of products and is a bit expensive to buy it all, but i figure i am finally working a "real job" and im out of colleg
  8. this is a good deal. just ordered it myself.
  9. I have had these on my shoulder for as long as I can remember. They look like pimples, but they have been there so long and have never grown, so I am assuming they are something else. It almost looks like they are coming to a whitehead, but it has been like that for years now. Anyone?
  10. Here are all the products. Seems like alot now that I look at it! this can be found at cvs/wallgreens, etc. same. cvs, etc. gnc or any vitaminshopppe cvs, walmart, wallgreens, duane reade, etc same. www.theoriginalskinstore.com the original skin store
  11. it 100% does! i used to use a wax and i have scars on my temple from the acne! it was terrible. i have a shaved, well, not shaved, but very short hair now and it really helps prevent oil on your face.
  12. lol that pic was not 3 weeks ago. that was from 2 years ago! all that stuff can be found any any drug store.
  13. no, i started off taking 10 pills a day, which is 5g. then went to 10g, which is 20 pills.