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  1. liver cleansers are good, they helped me a little. but what helped a lot was b12. i take b5 to control sebum. it never really did much for my forehead though. b12 is working great. just one pill a day.
  2. it feels likeit's a combination of the water and the air here. i go to the states sometimes and with a couple a week my acne clears. it seems like the minutes a touch down in germany, the pimples begin and it gets worse with every shower. it kind of levels out at five or six pimples. wonder if anyone else has had any experience with breaking out more in foreign countries. could be water, food, or air related i suppose.
  3. i had chicken pox; i have cystic acne. not sure that means anything, but it's possible... kep researching.
  4. it's very rare for acne to be truly caused by something overnight, now matter how likely it seems. usually the zits are two or three days formin.
  5. i think the amount is different for everyone. low doses work pretty good for me. no more than 1 gram a day, broken up into three times. more than that and i don't produce much oil at all and start to get dry red skin.
  6. there are places here called apotheke's that sell lots of skin care stuff. you can ask them for tee baum ol and it's actually pretty inexpensive. apotheke's are all over the place. i was kind of worried about finding stuff for my regimen when i moved here, but now it's great.
  7. i loved the way it looked when i first put it on. the coverage was simple and exceptional. it definitely broke me out and made my face look shiny after only an hour or two.
  8. jojoba did a similar thing for me. after using it awhile my skin kind of itched also.
  9. i usually get up about six, and wash right after eating. i don't like to go more than 12 hours without washing. so 6 pm is perfect. it probably makes absolutely no difference doing it an hour or so each direction, it just feels like it.
  10. i think it wastes a lot and i don't really like the way it goes on. i use a dry cream foundation and put it on with a brush. i only use it on spots though. then i go over the whole face with pressed powder foundation also with a brush.
  11. i would definitely say that you can't top eating raw fruits and vegetables, but saying it's no better than soda might be a stretch. v8 does have a hell of a lot of sodium though. as far as fruits, who's actually gonna eat a bunch of cranberries? the juice is awesome, and it's one of the best things you can do to prevent kidney stones. i guess you just have to watchout for what kinds of fruits and vegetables can cause breakouts and relate that to the juice, too.
  12. i know it's not my parents fault, but i almost don't want to have kids for all the crap they'll have to go through. not just skin related, though. i'm not sure in this generation that all good outweighs the bad.
  13. i got LESS cysts by doing a good regimen of wash, glycolic acid, then bp. cysts were still unpredictable and popped up anywhere. since i started b vitamins and primrose, a large cyst for me is very very rare.
  14. my skin was fine at first, but got drier after using the bp cream for awhile and i had to start moisturizing. i think your skin does get used to it and starts breaking out again. in fact, that is even what proactiv will tell you if you call to cancel for that reason. they will tell you to stop using the products for a couple weeks and then starting back up again. neutrogena on the spot is the only one i can find at the store that is 2.5. seems to work pretty good. it's still dries my skin out p