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  1. Sorry it's taken a long time for me to respond to this thread! I use H&S as a bodywash. I leave it on for the entire shower and then rinse and pat dry. It's kept my body acne under control although I get about 1 or 2 small pimples every menstrual cycle or so on my back or shoulder but nothing to worry over at all. I think one of the best things to do is to just mindlessly use H&S every time you shower and not pay attention to the progress. That's what I did and one day I checked out m
  2. H&S didnt give me any problems at all. It completely cleared my body acne.
  3. I had body acne on the tops of my arms/shoulders, my entire back, chest and upper stomach. I used Head and Shoulders Classic shampoo everyday in the shower and now my body is completely free of acne. This past summer I wore bikinis and backless tops for the first time in many many years. I cant even remember the last time I wore a tank top in public. Try H&S but dont expect results after a week. It took a few months for me to clear up but completely worth it. Even though I'm clear I still u
  4. My body acne is completely clear after using H&S everday in the shower. Maybe this is what I had all along and not "acne".
  5. Thanks for the congrats! I had to make a quick edit in my post because I've been using H&S for just over a year, not two years. If I remember correctly, my skin was pretty much clear after about 5-6 months. Keep in mind that I've been using H&S EVERYDAY! That is key! I wash my hair, rinse, add condintioner, then apply H&S and leave it on my back as long as possible.
  6. I haven't been on this forum for a long time. I've suffered from bacne for almost 13 years. It started off very mild and was nothing to worry about until I hit my late teens/early 20's. The bacne was on my upper arms, chest, my entire back and sometimes the top of my stomach. I couldnt wear tank tops or bikini's in the summer and had to deal with the heat being completely covered up. For over a year now I've been using Head & Shoulders Classic shampoo and I'm now clear of acne!! For the fi
  7. The scars on my upper back and shoulders fade but the ones on my mid and lower back don't seem to be going anywhere. At first I used H&S and applied with my hands and my body acne cleared up nicely but I still had scars. I started using a back brush with H&S and I broke out big time on my back, shoulders, arms, chest and upper stomach. Anyone have any idea why the scars on my mid and lower back arent fading?
  8. I used Head & Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo 1-2 times a day as a body wash (applied with hands only) for over a 3 months and my body acne completely cleared although I still had some scarring. I tried using a back brush to help fade the scars but it made me break out HUGE . I am now back to square one and I have body acne on my back, shoulders, arms, upper stomach and chest. I have now gone back to applying H&S with my hands only.
  9. I realized that my breakouts were most likely due to stress and my period (damn those crazy hormones!). My skin has started to clear up and relax.. thank God! However, I'm still scared that BP will make my acne worse since I use it on my back (my biggest battle with acne). I'm almost 100% clear of acne (but with marks/scars) so I'm worried it'll all come back again.
  10. I completely agree. I used both neutrogena body washes and they only seemed to GIVE me acne. I use panoxyl 5% gel and it works wonders.
  11. My personal regimen has been to shower once or twice a day with H&S and applying BP gel to the acne at night (being sure to wear a white tshirt cuz it could stain). I use a facial moisturizer that doesn't clog pores to moisturize my back during the day if I need it. Been doing this for over a month and I'm almost 100% clear (except for marks/scars). I'd be careful using H&S AND a BP soap bar.. sounds like your skin will soon be tight, dry and itchy!
  12. I usually moisturize when my skin feels dry or tight. I use a facial moisturizer on my back that doesn't clog pores during the day, if I need it.
  13. I suffer from winter bacne too. Usually it spreads from my back to my chest and arms in the winter. The only thing that is seeming to control it is H&S and BP gel (5%).
  14. LK2507 - I'm suffering from winter bacne too! I wonder what it is about the winter that causes this? I'm sorry H&S doesn't seem to be working for you. Have you seen a derm? AndOceans109 - Yeah it's been working for some ppl's facial acne but when I tried it it just burned my face. It hurt so much I had to leave cold, wet paper towels on my face. I think I'm starting to prefer this Intensive H&S shampoo. I'm pretty much clear of body acne now except two teeny tiny red bumps on my shoul