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  1. here it is!! http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Fleshy-Plugs-Under-Skin-In-Pores-on-Face/show/1271043?page=1 there is a photo as well, it reminds what I have on my face a lot... I keep going to docs but as I am OCD they keep telling me it's not getting better cuz I scratch it and squeeze it Yeah, I do scratch and squeeze it bcuz its really filled with white stuff inside, my face/skin is swelling every time and it becomes super itchy,, when wound is getting clear and there is no white stu
  2. Hello everyone, I am writing with hope to get some help. Ive ot severe acne. I haven;t been diagnosed yet(if I need to be diagnosed heh). I am 22 now, had 'acne' for past 10-12 years. The issue is that my acne doesn't appear to be normal and all I hear from meds and my GP is that if I stop to scratch it, it'll go away!! I am having kind of small circle wounds or some pimples... I've been trying to find some information about it and I found a forum where people describe the same issues and po