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  1. Good question! Thanks so much for asking.Ingredients in the magnesium supplement are: cellulose, titanium dioxide, vegetable acetoglycerides. I forgot to mention I also added 1000 mg Vitamin C and take it at the same time as the magnesium (both on an empty stomach). The vitamin C ingredients are: cellulose, vegetable acetoglycerides, rosehips powder. Now, I have a big zit in my ear (yuck) that has given me a HUGE headache all day. That hasn't happened in years! Thanks for any thoughts y
  2. I added 250mg magnesium in the last week and I am suddenly breaking out more than I have been. Is my body just going through "crisis" mode? I am taking magnesium, in addition to zinc, b-complex, acidophillus (sp?), vitamin C and a good multi-vitamin. I know I am estrogen dominant (after taking saliva test) and believe that these supplements can affect hormones. Is the magnesium, in particular, causing my estrogen receptors to kick in and breaking me out? Any ideas? Lisa
  3. I start natural progesterone cream, for the first time, on Friday. I'd like to do some kind of detox/cleanse for the next couple of days. Suggestions? Please be specific -I've never done this before!! Thanks in advance! Lisa
  4. Results from a recent saliva test confirmed what I suspected - my estrogen is extremely high and my progesterone is low. I start natural progesterone cream in a few days. I am just wondering if any of you have experience with it and had positive results. I am taking it for many other reasons, but acne can be one symptoms.
  5. Okay - I'm researching blackheads online and I'm getting different opinions. One is - never squeeze or you'll enlarge and damage the pore forever. The other is squeeze to relieve pressure. Both say to be careful, of course, because of scarring and bacteria. This is Paula Begoun (sp?) says, "Fortunately, gently removing a blackhead or blemish with light-handed squeezing can actually help the skin. Removing the stuff inside a blackhead or especially a pimple relieves the pressure and reduces f
  6. Any thoughts/opions on the validity of this quote? "As an adult, the size of your pores is determined by genetics; some people retain the small pores of their youth, while others develop larger pores. Individuals with larger pores may complain of small grayish blackheads on the nose and cheeks. Contrary to popular belief, these "blackheads" are nothing more than normal sebum doing its job: lining the pore. Since the sebum is meant to be there, squeezing is an exercise in futility  the o