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  1. WOW!!!.. ok.. you're HOT!!.. imagine if all of those spots disappear.. and when combined with the confidence u have. u'd be GREAT.. well good luck with The regimen.. remember to STICK to it CLOSELY.. and to MOISTURISE!.. VERY IMPORTANT.. need any qns juz ask me.. i'd love to help. =)
  2. Hey Guys.. i am from singapore and i am only 17 this year.. i want to buy Dan's BP gel from the net BUT i cant because i dont own a credit card because i am too young to own one.. Do anyone of you have ever ordered Dan's BP Gel??.. can i buy a tube or two from you??.. or can anyone help me get Dan's BP Gel from the net?? i'll pay you the FULL cost.. Please help me.. i am DESPERATE to try Dan's BP Gel. The BP gel i am using now is not very suitable for my skin and i want to try Dan's BP G
  3. IT LOOKS GREAT!!!... Hey i m a web designer.. i can help u design stuff dan.. contact me.. =)
  4. Hey, you should apply moisturiser after applying BP.. use moisturisers that are recommended by dan regimen.. follow the regimen closely and you'll be fine..
  5. i am Silas and i am from Singapore.. Its hard to get supplies for dan's regimen here in singapore. and another thing is the supplies that is recommended are VERY expensive in singapore.. a tube of Neutrogena On-The-Spot Costs SG$16 which is about US$11.. i cant affort to buy That cream all the time.. i have found an alternative which i can easily buy from my doctor.. it is called PanOxyl AcneGel 2.5%.. [attachmentid=5929] it has 2.5% bp.. and it is cheaper and it is a BIG tube.. it costs o
  6. Ok i am Frm Singapore too PPL!.. didn't know that Singaporeans log-on to acne.org but i was DEAD WRONG!.. haha!.. hey i m looking around for places to go get acne treatment for my face.. anyone can offer any help?.. i m living in woodlands.. so i m looking for a clinic that is around the woodlands area.. PLEASE HELP!.. thanks!.. =)
  7. hey Thanks for your view.. realli appreciate it.. =) i am a SUCKER for fried foods.. my diet is basically made of rice with fried chicken and veggie..[this is what we people in singapore eat.] WITH the occasional McDoanlds and Burger King is also in my diet.. so basically i eat mostly fried and meaty foods.. and Does Cod Liver Oil do any good for my skin?.. does it provide the fatty acids and omega 3 that i need?.. i went out to get a bottle of this..[attached picture.] [attachmenti
  8. yes, This Cleanser has salicylic acid.. so i'll stop using this cleanser and use etaphil's facial cleanser instead.. AND i have another qn for you.. should i increase my BP percentage from 2.5% t0 10%?.. will there be any difference/effect when i increase the BP level??..
  9. 0k guys, i need your help.. i am a new user here at acne.org.. and i need help on something here.. i am currently using this facial wash called Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash.. and i want to know what do you think of it.. is it effective?.. what are your personal experiences using this product?.. thanks for your feedback!.. appreciate it.. =) [attachmentid=5793]
  10. karimsilas

    My Troubled FACE

    this are the pictures of my current problems.. PLS HELP ME tAKE A LOOK!! someone advice me what to d0 to clear i