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  1. I put ice on it for around half an hour last night. it's gone! hope it doesn't creep back, hehe doesn't seem to be any sign anymore anyways..
  2. Hello. I came home from work today to see a lump under the skin on my left cheek. At the moment, it's not really that red, maybe a little bit, & it doesn't seem to hurt, it just seems the be a raised bump on my cheek. You can actually only see it in the light when it's reflecting on my cheek, but either way, i know it's there. As soon as i saw it i put on some of my Dalacin T topical on & around the area.. Does anyone know if maybe it could possibly go back down into the skin? or ac
  3. RoAccutane took out all the crap from my skin, it cleared everything (blackheads, whiteheads, cysts & comedones) I guess i'm just having an unlucky week. I think it's been just a month since i last broke out. I mean the derm gave me a topical for a reason which was to treat spots, so even she knew that i wouldn't go forever without a few pimples.. It just really annoys me.. that's prolly the reason i made this post, because of anger
  4. Hello. I've having a bad week again, had a breakout this week of 5 spots, really annoying me.. I'm not going out drinking this weekend because of it, it's safe to say spots ruin your weekend.. Thinking ahead, i'm wondering what they'll be like 6 days down the line.. kind of a silly qustion but if anyone has any advice then please let me know (brief history) - I've had moderate acne since about age 13. At the age of 18 i went onto accutane 60mg for 4 months, came off the treatment in febuary
  5. I was on: 20mg = 2 weels 40mg = 2 weeks 60mg = rest of the way Was a total of 4 months course.. I'm still happy Just when you get a spot it's bloody annoying... I think shaving does it tbh.. Since coming off tane i've been able to shave my cheeks for the 1st time ever (i use to not be able to cause of the acne & being afraid i'd catch the spots/scabs with the blades)..
  6. Hello. This week has been a bit of a crappy week for me.. Last Sunday i got quite a huge pimple in the middle of my cheek, I applied my topical & right now it's hardly noticable... Thought i got over the worst, til... The Sunday after i got another quite big spot on the other side of my cheek. Again applied the topical, the pain has gone, it's a quite flat red mark now.. Then last night, i felt another lump on the cheek, this time it was alot smaller, but still annoyed the hell out of m
  7. It looks very shiny when you apply it, is yours shiny? I think it'd look quite silly all over your face..? ..Like i've stated before, i've only had 2 quite big major spots since i finished.. i spose it's quite good..
  8. I finished Accutane about 2 months ago. I was given i think the same thing as you..? Mine is called Dalacin T Topical Clindamycin Topical Lotion, It's like a roll on stick.. Was you given the same? If so, i was told just to put it on AFFECTED AREAS (Guessing that means when i get a spot..?) Are you putting it on your face morning & night, on all of your face? even the areas that aren't effected? I've used it so far for 2 spots that i got on my cheeks, It seems to work quite well, takes
  9. A good moisturizer, & deffo some lipbalm, not sure how bad the lips will be on 20mg, I was on 60mg & they never cracked but now & again when i forgot my lipbalm they'd be very dry & quite red cause i'd be licking them.. i suffered from everyday nosebleeds, i didn't need to touch my nose for it to bleed & when it did it took a fair while before it stopped, my nose was quite sore, had alot of scabs up it, but my derm gave me some drops called 'Betnesol' which i'd put up my nos
  10. Humm, I havn't actually tried to pop it at all, i only yesterday put some light pressure onto it to see if there was anything inside of it.. Do you maybe think that when the spot dies down it won't leave a red mark since it hasn't been popped? & the redness that's just there now is because it has been sore.. you only get a blemish if you pop it right? & break the skin??!?
  11. It's slightly gone down in size, & the pain has gone away (i think, hehe) it's just a red mark that's slightly still raised.. meh :s
  12. Hello.. It is very true that when you've got clear skin you don't seem to visit this site much at all (Well I still visit, but don't post so often) ..Until now, On Sunday night & felt quite a big lump under the skin on my left cheek (always been my worst side). On Monday morning i awoke & it was red & sore... It's Tuesday & it's still the same as what it was yesterday.. I've been putting 'Dalacin T Topical Lotion' (Which i got from my derm) on the spot, 3 times a day since yes
  13. Hello. I havn't posted on here for a while, because my skin has been good but this morning i woke up to see a massive spot, it seems it's a kind of cyst type, under the skin. I shouldn't be getting any of this so early after finishing accutane. It's red & it's lumpy under the skin.. it's get me very down i'm seeing the derm next friday, hope it's still there i want to go on accutane again, i don't think i was on long enough (JUST 16 weeks) What do you guys think? do you think i should