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  1. Ive been off accutane for about 2 or 3 months now with pretty much no problems. Of course i have red marks but they are slowly fading, albeit slower than i thought. However over the last several days i have noticed i am getting small white pimples again around my chin and mouth area, is this a sign that my full blown cystic fucking acne will return? I feel like im back at stage 1 again, as this is how it all started out about 3 years ago. Dont think i could take going on another course of tane,
  2. Just like to post that after about 4 weeks of feeling like utter shit and having random breakdowns, i feel rather good. I went out on friday and it was a blast with people i haven't seen in ages, then went out today to play football with my mates and then back to the pub for a drink today. Usually when i have a drink i just feel shit, but now i think i might be finally breaking through the "accutane depression" which has plagued me for sooooo long its untrue. feels so good to actually have a g
  3. Could be Aspergers (sp?) syndrome, which is a type of Autism (again sp? lol). A kid in my secondary school in my class had it which made it extremely hard for him to socialise etc. However no one took the piss out of him or whatever, theres just no need at all. some people are just pure cunts tbh. just out of interest were the people shouting the abuse male or female?
  4. coming to the end of my course and i dont moisturise every day at all, only when needed, maybe like 2 to 4 times a week max. im no expert but if you dont need to, then dont imo.
  5. I know how you feel, i get like that sometimes and yeah it is very worrying. It's not bollox at all and i imagine a good percentage of people with acne, or who have suffered from acne have sypmtoms of BDD. There was a documentary on BBC3 not so long ago called "Too ugly for love" which traced 3 people who had BDD and all of their flaws which they thought they had, really werent noticeable at all. None of them had acne however. They all were encouraged to simply face their fears head on. e.g.
  6. John freida or anything from the Matrix line of products
  7. As im currently coming to the end of my 16 week course (about 2/3 weeks left), I was just wondering how long it will take for my lips to get back to normal as at the moment i have to apply liip balm every hour or so to keep them feeling even remotely "normal". I cant imagine that my lips will magically go back to how they were pre-accutane so im curious to know how long it took the people who have successfully completed there course for there lips to return to a normal state again, if ever. tha
  8. I drink at least 2 litres a day, i find that when you start to drink water all the time, you sorta become addicted to it and it just becomes habit for me to always have a 500ml glass of water next to me. hell i probably drink 3 litres+ come to think of it.
  9. lol thats crazy! i havent really had anyone comment on my acne tbh, they all just think its natural and it will eventually "just go away". i fucking hate it when people say that, after 2 years it gets a bit annoying.