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  1. Possible Cystic Acne Cure!

    After a lot of trial and error, came the conclusion that it was gluten all along. I went on a plant based only diet almost 2 years ago to fix my heart health and my skin got worse! It wasn't until I completely removed gluten that years of horrible cysts went away. After almost 25 years of suffering and psychological damage I am finally clear as long as I stay away from anything that has gluten in it. I didn't clear up over night, it actually took about 2 months to become completely clear all
  2. Hi All, Unfortunately I have to stop this experiment for now as I have developed some heart issues. My cardiologist doesn't believe my high dose vitamin D3 and K2 have anything to do with it as I had these heart issues long before this experiment. He is suggesting NO supplements until further testing is done so they don't mess up the test results. This is very unfortunate because I had a week of completely acne free skin on my face and back which I haven't had since last summer. My skin wa
  3. Hi all, So finding the right vitamin D3 with k2 has been a challenge. In the past the form of vitamin D3 that actually made my skin significantly LESS oily by the afternoon as been the dry form with vitamin k2-m7. I've only been on the liquid D3 with k2-m4 for a few days and now it feels like my progress is going backwards and a indicator for me that something isn't working is I get a breakout on my back first then my face. After doing a bit more research about vitamin k2-m4, I finally fou
  4. Update: I updated the original post because after doing some more research, I found that the M4 version of vitamin K2 is better for the skin. I also found a few people in other forums (non-acne related) that said it made their skin very smooth. I had originally started using a brand with vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 mk4 but it was in liquid form and a pain to take with the dosage I was using so instead I was using a brand of d3 with vitamin k2 m7 in capsule form instead. As of 2 days ago I wen
  5. Hi Everyone, Have you ever had acne clear in the summer then come back in the fall? Do you live in the northern hemisphere? I just had one of the clearest skin summers of my life, I mean no acne at all and now it's coming back with vengeance as soon as temperatures started going down. I've had cystic acne since I was 14 and now I am in my late thirty's but it has calmed down quite a bit since my teen years. I still feel self conscience when I go to the beach and have to take off my shirt
  6. how is your acne

  7. The majority of people with acne have oily skin. That oil AKA sebum is mostly fat. So just think, you eat more fatty foods, it increases the sebum production instead of being stored. This is the genetic defect that leads to acne. I would agree that I rarely see heavier people have acne unless it is hormone related which is another contributor. I noticed when on a diet that is normally for people to loose weight, I lost the acne instead (didn't have any weight to loose!) but individual resul
  8. I realized now that B5 is the way to go. In theory the pantethine with the carnitine should have worked but it did not work the same as the B5. I started with 12G and lowered down to now 8G and my face is clear exept for 2 small pimples on my temple which are barely noticeable. All I got to say is that I am satisfied with the results so far. I will now center my experiments around B5 as it seems to work best from now on.
  9. When ever I took B5, it only delayed the oil be never stopped it. It took about maybe 4 to 8 hour for my skin to get oily but then again that depended on what I ate for that day and my stress levels.
  10. There are only 2 types of Vitamin D that I know of and D2 and D3. Go to this link for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_D I mention D3 because it is the most absorbable and your body creates it when you skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. I am darker skinned and stay indoors most of the time so my body is deficient of this vitamin. I actually found out that a lot of people are deficient and need to either supplement or the best way get into a tanning bed. From
  11. I have used pantethine before in the past and it did not work very well. In combination with the carnitine, my face seemed to clear up a little temporarily but the next day and then on my skin was oily then ever and started breaking out. Then came the fishy smell at the end of the day that I read somewhere was only treatable by antibiotics because of a certain bacteria in your gut that releases a enzyme when it digests the carnitine. I am happy to report that after stopping the carnitine, I n
  12. Vitamin D3 is what your skin makes naturally and is the most absorbable in supplement form and it usally takes about a week to see a reduction is sebum production from the B5. Also depends on stress levels and diet for that week.
  13. Yeah I know. Now that I am older, it takes less B5 now to clear me up. Started at 12G then went down to 9G and I am staying clear but the oil has returned a little which I don't mind now as it looks healthy. I've been taking the vitamin D3 for 2 days and already a few cysts that I had have shrunk and the B5 alone couldn't do that so I am taking 600IU of D3 with every dose of B5 with some magnesium at night to balance out all of this calcium I'm getting from the B5. The magnesium is also hel
  14. Hmm... If there is one thing I've learned over the years about women young and old is that if they sense that you have a girlfriend, they will do what ever they dare to do just to see what they can make you do. Just to be fair, I've seen guys do this too! I've been in some crazy situations that could of got hot and heavy but because of my ethics and understanding of this I didn't do anything I would regret. Take it from me my freind, if you give into temptation, the only one that would be tru
  15. Where is that thread about masturbation making somebody's skin oily... Probably shouldn't have gone there but ya never know!