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  1. ChaosNightWolf


    Any new updates?
  2. ChaosNightWolf

    Liver Flushing

    I agree, please!
  3. ChaosNightWolf


    I'm thinking about getting this, seems there is a foundation by prescriptives that is custom blended to match your skin. I'm already aware of it's price but I am wondering whether or not anyone on the board has used it and can tell me whether or not it is safe for acne prone skin. - Thanks
  4. ChaosNightWolf

    Prescriptives CUSTOM BLEND foundation!?

    I know this thread is really old, but did anyone end up trying it? I'm thinking of getting some tomorrow. Does anyone have any comments on it?
  5. ChaosNightWolf

    Should I get off Accutane early?

    I'd say tough it out. You've only got one more month to go and you've already come so far. You don't want to be left wondering how that last month could have helped you.
  6. It's not happening. Every girl on here would date a guy with acne because they have acne themselves. Out there in the world of clear skin having acne will probably make it almost impossible. KTHXBYE!
  7. ChaosNightWolf

    how tall is everyone?

    5'1, 19, male (Ugh)
  8. I'm doing a final project for my statistic's class that requires a survey from 40 people. The survey consist of 15 questions of your choosing. I choose to write about the importance of college. If your bored or able can anyone please just fill out this multiple choice survey? It's for my final grade RESPOND TO EACH QUESTION WITH EITHER YES NO PREFER NOT TO SAY ASLO ONLY FIRST NAMES ARE NEEDED (YOU CAN MAKE ONE UP) Name Age 1) Have your parents or siblings gone to
  9. Yeah, and Im sure John Doe who lives in a 3rd world country who has one arm and 9 toes REALLY thinks your acne is a big deal? Problems are relative to the people they happen too. If you can remain perfectly happy with just a few acne spots on your face then fine, though you can't expect someone who formerly had crystal clear skin (not talking about myself) to not react horribly to the fact that they started developing acne. A problem is a problem, and it effects people the same. Your no one t
  10. ChaosNightWolf

    I hate people who smoke

    For anyone using cars polution as an example to make themselves feel less guilty about poluting our air; think about this. People HAVE to drive cars. Some people don't have any other way to get to work. NY is the only place that I know where you honestly don't really need a car. You don't HAVE to smoke. Our air is poluted enough as it is. It's bad enough you're making a CONSCIOUS decision to contribute to our already bad air. Let alone the effects it has on OTHER people who DON"T SMOKE. I rec
  11. ChaosNightWolf

    Mac users

    Well, a while back I bought mac's studio finish concealer to hide the redness from previous acne. The lady at the counter was very very helpful. She gave me a color the first time (I think it was like nc20 or nc25). However it wasn't quite the right color. The second time I came back a friend of the lady at the counter (Who also works at mac) gave me NW25. Needless to say it worked great and covered everything the first time I used it, people complimented me and even the girls in my school didn
  12. ChaosNightWolf

    I'm a guy, I want make up

    Mac broke me out horribly. Does it tend to do that or is it only me?
  13. ChaosNightWolf

    Why were they staring?

    I'm a guy and I have to say that I love when a woman lets her hair down. Woman have very beautiful hair and they always seem to try and do this and that with it when it usually looks best just left alone. Appreciate your hair ladies!
  14. ChaosNightWolf

    Aveda makeup products

    I was looking into some of the aveda liquid foundations or maybe their inner light concealer. Both claim to be non acnegenic but I was wondering if anyone could give their input. Does anyone know if this stuff is REALLY non acnegenic (Unlike mac which lied =[ )