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  1. With the exception of a few people, most people will not be remembered more than about a 100 years at the very most. The only thing that keeps me going is that since I'm an atheist, I don't believe in an afterlife or reincarnation. As cliche as it sounds, you really should only live your life for yourself. If you keep living your life to please other people, you're just going to end up being perpetually disappointed.
  2. I've seriously done nothing but stagnate the whole year. It's depressing.
  3. I'd probably spend my time worrying about some other petty little thing that makes no difference in the long run.
  4. Elliott Smith - Strung Out Again You get what you see I saw a rich fuck given charity Saw an evil emperor Wearing my clothes They're far from the best But they might suit you better than the rest Just looking in the mirror Will make you a brave man I know my place Hate my face I know how I begin And how I'll end Strung out again Was a parliament of owls Flying over a city of canals Floating on the body Floating in the dams You get what you see Some things they just change invisibly I don't kno
  5. Who cares? Acne is ugly and just because they didn't have severe cystic acne doesn't mean it doesn't affect them. I don't think people should have to walk on egg shells because you guys are easily offended.
  6. Built to Spill Elliott Smith Modest Mouse Pedro the Lion Sunny Day Real Estate The Promise Ring
  7. I always end up looking not so bad after I get out of the shower and by the time I get ready to do my night regimen I see my skin and I can't believe how terrible it got between then and now.
  8. No crustiness. Just zits that come to a head overnight.
  9. What's steph? I looked it up and couldn't find anything.
  10. I recently decided to retry the DKR and I've been waking up everyday with 4-5 zits where they're yellow and pop very easily. This also happened last time I was on DKR. Could I be allergic to BP or is it just trying to make zits come to a head faster?
  11. I think I'm gonna try using a little bit less BP as well since it's been so long since I used it it might be irritating my skin causing breakouts.
  12. Okay I started the Acne.org regimen about this time last year and used it from about July - January. My skin actually got worse but that could have been due to me never washing my pillow case and doing the regimen every 6-8 hours instead of 12. So I ended up quitting and just using SA and my skin cleared up a little bit but about a month ago I started getting pretty bad acne again. I figured might as well try the regimen again so I ordered 3 tubes and some cleanser and still had Lac-Hydrin 5 so
  13. I'm 16 and 5'6 and my little sister is almost as tall as me and she's 3 years younger.
  14. get off the Notorious penis, before I squeeze and bust If the beef between us, we can settle it With the chrome and metal shit I make it hot, like a kettle get You're delicate, you better get, who sent ya? You still pedal shit, I got more rides than Great Adventure
  15. Sorry for the huge bump but I just got my haircut today. I grew it out for over a year. I think that's one of the reason I had such little self esteem. I still have acne but I have an awesome short haircut and feel a million times better. If anyone here is going through the same thing I say just get it over and you will feel sooooo much better.
  16. If you want to lose weight then diet is a lot more important than exercise. Exercise is still very good for your body but the only way to lose weight is to have a calorie deficit. So if you eat 2000 "clean" calories instead of 4000 "dirty" calories, you will drop weight quicker than exercise since the most you really burn with cardio is about 300-400 calories and that's if you bust your ass for however long you workout.
  17. Any tips on training yourself to sleep on your back?
  18. I'm 16 now and I've had acne since I was about 14 but it just started getting bad early this year.
  19. Pre acne I was always out going and made everyone laugh but now I keep to myself and I keep myself sheltered. God I fucking hate what acne has done to me. [/emo rant]
  20. Ok I really need to vent and this is the only place I can think to do it so here it goes. I am so fucking depressed right now. Since Christmas and New Years are coming up that means I'm gonna end up having to spend a lot of time with my family. I love my family and I used to be psyched about being able to see them during Christmas and New Years but since I saw them last my skin has gone to total shit. I was on the DKR all summer and it worked ok but I still was getting active acne so I made a h